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Preposition Builder is the newest offering from Mobile Education, who are known for high quality Speech and Language apps.Kyle Thomson is the father of a special needs child and he founded the company to provide affordable, fun educational tools for elementary school age children.

The app opens on a settings page where you enter the child’s name (it will track data on multiple users), and choose from various options including which prepositions to work on.

In play mode the child will see a fun cartoon-like picture and an incomplete sentence. They have to choose between three options (e.g. in/on/under) to complete the sentence. If they get it right, the completed sentence is spoken and the child gets the chance to record themselves saying it and listen to the playback. My daughter loves this feature and lights up every time she gets to do s0. If they pick the wrong answer the fun really starts – the card flips over to show a picture of that preposition being used correctly. My son thought this was hilarious and loved to see the wrong answers. They then get the chance to try again.

This app has a lot of content, there are 9 groups of 3 prepositions, and 21 cards for each group. The prepositions covered range from simple (e.g. on), to more complex (e.g. around or through). Kyle says he aims to produce apps that are fun and engaging, he has certainly done so with this app. When I was using it with my 4 ½ year old daughter she was having so much fun her twin brother insisted on being allowed to play too.

The only thing I feel is missing from this app is the ability to have a “read to me” option for the incomplete sentence, this would be useful when using it with children who are not yet readers. The developer is very open to feedback and has said he is considering adding this in a future update.

Overall, I would highly recommend this for elementary school age children with speech or language delays, and I also feel this app would also work well with younger children looking to expand their vocabulary. It is more engaging than other preposition apps I have tried and has a lot of content for the price.

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Category: Education
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Cost: $5.99 PrepositionBuilder™ - Mobile Education Tools

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