Riley and the Magic Laundry Basket, released to the iTunes App Store on September 13th this year, is a full-colour interactive children’s storybook by Monkey Prism, a company that came about after a brainstorming session between brothers Chris and Nic Danielson. The idea for the story was inspired by Chris’ daughter while she was playing in the laundry basket.

“As the father of a 13 month-old girl, I wanted to put together a book that doesn’t overly focus on complex TV-era animations, but instead encourages parent/child interaction through reading and discovering.” – Chris Danielson, Monkey Prism CEO

In the story, the adorable Riley (voiced by an actual baby… awww) is transported to an imaginary world after falling asleep in a magical laundry basket while her Mum does the cleaning. Riley’s mission is to get to the Cupcake Palace to see the Cupcake Queen and along the way she meets some fun and interesting characters such as Jojo the helpful monkey, the beautiful magical fairy, the little candy men, the dancing dinosaurs and more (unicorns!).

You can read the book with the narration on or off but the book truly comes alive with the narrator switched to on which you can do from the title screen (English only). The book uses rhyming phrases and contains many touchable objects with fun sounds to encourage exploration and interaction between the parent and the child. The amazing colourful illustrations are by Nina Rouselle De Polonia and are beautifully drawn and sure to keep your little ones attention – even I was completely captivated by them! There are no guides for turning the page but a simple swipe across in the direction want to go takes you to the next page.

Riley and the Magical Laundry Basket, now also available as an iBook (without audio), is a definite hit with both my iChild (4) and iToddler (2.5) and is sure to be a hit with others around the same age regardless of their gender. The story is relatively short but the kids still thoroughly enjoyed searching each page for the hidden treasures. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements included in this app which is a big bonus in my book. Monkey Prism are currently working on another exciting new children’s app due for release in a few months time so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be kept updated!

Category: Books
Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or later.
Cost: $1.99 [itunes link=”″ title=”Riley and the Magic Laundry Basket”]

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