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20111026-101136.jpgCreated by Twiny Vine Apps, this app is “spooktacular” and promises musical Halloween delight. It is a musical game app which allows the user to tap on a variety of objects in a Halloween themed background using the objects as instruments including: pumpkins, gravestones, a witch’s hat, a boiling cauldron and five instruments. The user can turn on and off various lights as well as find hidden objects within the scene.

I liked the simplicity of the app since it was so easy to learn how to use. I also liked the flying bats, random creatures appearing as well as the ghosts. I also liked the ability to multi-tap and play more than one instrument at a time to make a rhythm.

I would have liked a way to save my musical creations, and I couldn’t seem to find a way to do that. I also think that this app could be expanded to allow additional spooky scenes with each one having a different type of instrument. It would also be nice if the fence and other items in the background were instruments as well.

Twiny Vine Apps, which is part of Moms With Apps, also offers Lil Sub (currently free for a limited time), and is going to be offering additional apps in the future. This is a great musical pick for the upcoming Halloween weekend. Currently, the app has promotional pricing of $0.99.

20111026-101148.jpg 20111026-101155.jpg 20111026-101203.jpg

Category: Games
Requirements: iPad running iOS 4.2 or later
Cost: $1.99 $0.99 Spooky Groove - Jill Pestka


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