Alien Buddies IconThe Alien’s are coming soon to a home near you. Newly released Alien Buddies, a universal app by Artgig Studios provides hours of fun and learning for children from preschool to early elementary school. Games include: dot to dot, matching by color, shape, letter and number (both audio and visual modes), and stickers. Using the friendly alien buddies, children can learn from a variety of characters who will teach them skills such as color recognition, letter recogntion, shapes and skills such as dragging and dropping to enhance fine motor skills.

Our favorite part of the app was the color matching game where children see various flying saucers come into the screen and have to either use listening skills (where they press on the front of the ship to hear what the color is), or visual skills to see which alien color goes into the spaceship. When they are successful, the spaceship flies away, if they are not, the alien is ejected with a cute “oh no!” and the child continues to look for the appropriate match. We also liked the stickers that were awarded for successfully completing an activity.

One thing I’d like to see is the dot to dot be a little bit easier, especially for younger kids. My son is in preschool and some of the shapes were too hard for him (15 – 20 dots) like the spaceship versus the star, perhaps the parent could hide the harder ones until the child learned how to do the dot to dots.

For an out of this world experience, you should try Alien Buddies. I bet your kids will have fun playing and have no idea they are learning. This video demo provides a great overview of the app.


Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities – Artgig Studio Codes will be dropped in our review

Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities by Artgig Studio

Price: $2.99 USD

Parents' Choice Award Winner


- Alien Buddies is a fantastically entertaining, educational app that manages to seamlessly combine a learning.