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CreateACard, by  Kids and Beyond is the newest title from allows children to make a card using virtual paper, markers, pencils, and stickers. The user chooses a helper who will help them create a card, then choose the appropriate paper. From there you can tap on various buckets to find stickers, choose a photo from the camera roll, use a marker, pencil or a crayon. Sample cards are posted online here.  The app is designed to teach early math and literacy skills and works for both children as well as adults.

One of my favorite features of the card was the ability to record a message and then send it via email to the recipient. I also liked the variety of stickers and objects that were available, and they were easily accessible to the user by choosing the appropriate bucket. For example in the bucket with the birthday cake, there was a cake, birthday hat, balloons, a present, and candles. You can choose one item from one bucket and then another from another bucket as well. The spoken directions were also helpful for my son as they were able to remind him of what he needed to do next.  The cloud helpers provided clear and concise instructions, and if necessary repeated them for the user to remind them of what to do next which was very helpful for my son.

I would like to see a way to print these cards out, or share them another way rather than just email and saving to your camera roll. I also had trouble re-recording messages multiple times – after a certain number of tries it just automatically saved rather than allowing you to rerecord again.  Also, some of the images when they are enlarged appear blurry on the iPad screen as well as on a traditional computer when sent via email, I would like to see this fixed.

This app could be great for children to use to create cards for various occasions including thank you notes since the message can be recorded versus written, birthday cards or even to just practice arranging items on a page without having to use real stickers, glue and markers.  I also used it to send several birthday cards recently, and people thought it was a nice surprise to see a card that was handmade versus a store purchased card.

Category: Education
Requirements: iPad running iOS 3.2 or later
Cost: $1.99 – US CreateACard - KidsAndBeyond, LLC. | UK CreateACard - KidsAndBeyond, LLC. | AU CreateACard - KidsAndBeyond, LLC.


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