20111111-173306.jpgCreated by Weiner Family Studios, Family Matters provides topics for your family to discuss in a variety of situations from at the dinner table, waiting in line, at a resturant, at an airport and in the doctor’s office. This app was designed because the owner was looking for a project to do with his family. Part of the proceeds from this app are donated to a family-oriented charity based on a suggestion from his children. The iMum recently conducted an interview with Scott of Weiner Family Studios which provides more information about the company and the basis of app creation.

The app is straightforward and allows the user to pick the situation and then scroll through a list of questions. The app also has a journaling feature allowing tidbits from conversations to be sent via email, Facebook or Twitter. This app will help children facilitate imagination skills, critical thinking, ability to think quickly as well as foster an opportunity for great coversations in a variety of locations.

I liked that this app was portable and easy to use and provides great coversation starters. We used it recently while standing in a long line at the grocery store and before we knew it our time was up and we were ready to check out. Normally, my three year old would have been very impatient!

I would like to see more questions aimed at the toddler and preschool age group as most of the questions were hard for my three year old son, however, I was able to adapt the questions based on his knowledge level. It would also be nice if visuals could be incorporated into some of the questions especially for younger children. For example, what did you do at school today could show visuals of a playground, snack time, a school bus and the teacher which may provide a cue for a child if they are not sure what they want to talk about.

A video demo of the app provides a good overview of each of the categories as well as the types of questions asked. This would be a great app to use at Thanksgiving, during the holidays allowing you to catch up with your extended family and is a great way to use your iPhone or iPad in an interactive format. I can also see it being really helpful during long car rides when children ask the inevitable, “Are we there yet?”.

UPDATE: Weiner Family Studios are currently working on a new module due in January that is specifically aimed at Preschoolers!

Category: Travel
Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or later
Cost: $1.99
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