20111116-162709.jpgJody Allen, a married mother of two, is the brains trust behind the successful new website Stay At Home Mum – The Secret to Living on One Wage and has recently taken a big digital step forward by introducing an iOS app by the same name as an extension of the website. This practical app features the same informative articles as the web-based site in a well organised, easily accessible format for your iDevice. You’ll find advice on how save money, simple and scrumptious recipes and ultimately, tips on how to live more frugally and survive on one wage.

The app is separated into three tabs:
Latest – for the most recent posts from the website;
Sections – for browsing different archived sections of the site;
Favourites – to store your favourite articles for quick and easy access.
You can share articles within the app via email and other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. There is also a handy search function if you can’t find what you’re looking for. It is ad-supported but the G-rated ads are unobtrusive and don’t take up much space. A paid version with no ads will be available soon.

I loved this site from the get-go because a) I’m also a SAHM trying to live on one wage; b) It’s Australian-based and c) it has an app! I would love to see a mobile-friendly version of the forum incorporated into the app (similar to BabyBump) but I’m not sure if that’s possible with the software running the site. It would be a fantastic feature though as forums are a great way to interact with your fellow SAHM’s to share recipes, tips, etc and you could keep up with them on the go!

Judging by the number of people that like the SAHM Facebook page, Jody is obviously onto a winner with her idea. Being a time-poor mother myself, I know it isn’t easy to look after a family, run a household and also a busy website so I’ll take any cost-saving shortcut I can find and there are plenty in the ever-resourceful SAHM app. This is a SAHM’s new BFF! Keep up the great work Jody. 🙂

Category: Lifestyle
Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.1 or later.
Cost: AU$2.99 Stay at home mum (Paid) - the secret to living on one wage - Stay At Home Mum – Lite Version: Free Stay at home mum - the secret to living on one wage - Stay At Home Mum

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