Cars, trucks, buses, trains, tractors, diggers, bikes & planes!

From November 21-27 is Vehicle Week at and we’ll be featuring an assortment of Vehicle-themed app reviews and giveaways all week long.

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For the Developers

If you would like your vehicle-themed app reviewed for Vehicle Week, please complete a Review Request before the 14th November.

If you would like to participate in a promo code giveaway (without a review), your app will be given a dedicated page on for the giveaway with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and the app itself should people just wish to purchase it outright. You can also specify any requirements for entries (must like Facebook page, follow on Twitter, etc). All giveaways will run for 3 days. Please contact me with the details.

Will you have a Vehicle-themed app on sale during 21-27 November? Add the details to the comments below and I’ll give your app a shoutout during Vehicle Week.

Let us know your favourite vehicle-themed apps in the comments below and don’t forget to spread the word!


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