Reviewed by Amanda

20111212-144814.jpgSuper Speller was created by the husband and wife development team from Quiet Spark after they noticed their son struggling with spelling at school. The concept of this app for iPad, aimed at children 5 and up, is to create custom spelling tests tailored to the users skill level that they can complete at their own pace.

From the easy to navigate homescreen, you can ‘Create Tests’, ‘Manage Tests’, ‘Study Tests’ or ‘Take Tests’. Adding words to a test is as simple as typing the word and recording the audio of yourself saying the word, and taking a test is just as easy as listening to the word, typing it in and moving to the next word until you’re ready to grade your test. Results from the tests are saved to allow parents/teachers to track progress and see which areas require improvement.

Featuring an authentic looking chalkboard background (I would have loved to hear the scratching chalk sound effects to go with it!), the app is ideal for younger users to study on their own and without the added temptation of advertisements, in-app purchases and settings buttons.

I would definitely recommend this app to parents or teachers/tutors to use with children having difficulties with spelling or just for the occasional random pop quiz!

Category: Education
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Cost: AU$2.99 Super Speller: Create Your Own Spelling Tests - Quiet Spark (3MB)

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