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SimpleSortSimpleSort by Kids and Beyond is a great way to practice skills for your preschooler such as sorting and counting in a interactive way that will have your child begging for more!  Join the Clever Clouds as they help your child to pick out two buckets of objects.  The objects are then “spilled” by the Clever Cloud and it is up to your child to help them get back to the right place.  Your child needs to drag the object to the appropriate bucket and clean up the mess.  The app features both a timed and un-timed version which you can pick and choose depending on if you want to make it a race, or if you are really playing for fun and learning opportunities.  We tried it both ways and once my son understood the concept of the game, we started using the timed version.    You can sort as little as two buckets or up to six buckets at one time depending on how advanced your child is in sorting.  This app is also available in English and Spanish.

I liked that the app allowed you to sort and categorize various objects.  I don’t think that he realized that he was learning about sorting at the same as playing the game while trying to get objects to the right place.  I also liked the variety of the various objects which ranged from nature themes, sports, animals and transportation.  We also added in the option of counting each of the objects prior to putting them into buckets to enhance our counting skills.  We have also used the skills learned in this app to sort things in real life as well by making it a game of, where does this object go and the skills translate nicely.

I wished that there was a “help” feature explaining why an object didn’t go in a particular bucket especially after multiple tries.  My son would at times think something belonged in one bucket when it did not and get fixated on trying to get the bucket to accept it.  I would just prompt him to try the other bucket for success.

We previewed this app on the iPad and there is also a universal version as well.  If you are looking for a fun app to help your child learn without realizing it, SimpleSort might be a great one for your preschooler’s app library.  This app is great for practicing fine motor (dragging) and categorization (early math) skills.

Category: Education

Requirements: SimpleSort for SmartPhones Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Cost: $0.99(49.8 MB) SimpleSort for SmartPhones - KidsAndBeyond, LLC. AUS SimpleSort for SmartPhones - KidsAndBeyond, LLC.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Cost: $0.99  (60.1 MB) USA SimpleSort - KidsAndBeyond, LLC. AUS SimpleSort - KidsAndBeyond, LLC.

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