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The Gift: An Interactive...The Gift: An Interactive Storybook from Persian Cat Press is a beautifully illustrated with water color illustration as an  e-book or as they call it an “i-story”  which features interactivity on every page.  Persian Cat Press worked with a company called  Paire Creative to help build the interactivity into the app.  The app concept to actual development took two years, according to a recent interview with Jos, one of the developers at Persian Cat Press.

I really loved the watercolor illustrations in this app along with the story line of the little boy finding the baby girl washed up on the shore.  Each page has a different interaction which allows the child to read and understand the text through a variety of actions within the app.  I also liked that the points of interactivity varied, so each time we have read the book it’s been a new opportunity to interact and understand the story.  The  Oomorals bring a unique perspective to the story as they help the boy understand how to take care of the little girl.  The story really feels immersive and interactive each time you read it and we are constantly finding new facets of the app each time that we look at it.

I did find the navigation to turn the page was a little bit cumbersome especially when you are new to the app.  Once you get used to it, the navigation gets easier as you find all the different points of interaction within the page.  I would suggest to the developers that perhaps they have a “how-to” section for parents just in case they don’t understand how the navigation and circle secrets work throughout the app. In addition, a “lite” version is available which can help you understand the app and story line if you wanted to try it out. The lite version can be accessed here for the United States and here for Australia.

This app would be a lovely addition to your electronic library especially for children who love to interact with the books and love looking at beautiful artwork.  Persian Cat Press is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative of family friendly developers.  The Gift has promotional pricing this weekend $3.99 US versus $6.99 and I’d encourage you to pick it up while it is on sale.

Category: Kids Books
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Cost: $3.99 US through 04/09/12 then returning to $6.99 US The Gift: An Interactive Storybook - Persian Cat Press AUS The Gift: An Interactive Storybook - Persian Cat Press (84.7MB)

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