I think there is little doubt that the iPad is a revolutionary product – its has opened up a whole new arena in mobile technology, but there is one placfolio1e where it doesn’t quite hold up against a traditional computer – typing on it’s built in touch screen just isn’t as fast or as comfortable. If you are just sending a few emails or posting a status update on Facebook it does the job, but if you need to do a serious amount of typing it just doesn’t stand up. This is where the ZAGGfolio comes to the rescue by turning your iPad into a mini-laptop. It does 3 things all in one neat stylish package – it provides an iPad stand, a removable wireless Bluetooth keyboard and protects your iPad.

The case is a rugged ABS hardshell with a microfiber lining, it comes in a variety of colors (including my favorite – “smart pink”!) and either a polyurethane or leather exterior. The iPad feels safe and secure in the case, when you close it the iPad automatically switches off and the case clips securely shut.



The stand makes for easy viewing of movies and apps and it can be used in portrait or landscape mode. The iPad rests in a groove in the keypad in landscape mode, which gives a slightly slanted screen for comfortable viewing. If you want to use the iPad in portrait mode you simply slide it out of the case and put it in the groove – it is still secure even without being in the case. (The case without the keyboard can also be used as a stand for landscape mode). There are times when I want to use the iPad flat, which I can do in the case, or if I want it to be more maneuverable e.g. for playing games it’s easy to slip the iPad out of the case.


Although the keyboard is smaller than a traditional keyboard it doesn’t feel cramped to me, the keys have a nice feel and I find it comfortable to type on. Using this keyboard is much faster then using the iPad’s touch screen keyboard.  It has iPad2/3 specific shortcut keys including: home screen, search, slideshow of your photos, music controls, volume controls, cut and paste and the ability to toggle through international keyboards. The keyboard’s battery life is amazing – you only have to recharge it every couple of months!! You can also leave the iPad in the case and remove the keyboard if you want to position it further from the screen.


Overall, I really love this case, with it I have all the great features of the iPad in a great protective case, but I also have the functionality of a laptop too. For busy moms, or anyone who wants to have an iPad but needs the ability to do lots of typing on the go this is a great solution – sleek, stylish and practical too! I’m really enjoying all the extra flexibility this case is giving me- using it in combination with Pages and WordPress for iPad means I can work comfortably on the go, and it even still fits in my handbag! ZAGG are known for their high quality accessories and this case is no exception. Highly recommended!!


**I reviewed the iPad 2 version of this case with both the iPad2 and the iPad 3- it works beautifully with the iPad2. It also works well with the new iPad (iPad3) except the automatic on/off function doesn’t work and it is a slightly snug fit. Zagg have just released a new iPad3 specific version of the case, which fixes both of these issues.**

ZAGGfolio by ZAGG


  • Weight: 19 ounces (539 grams)
    • Keyboard only: 11.5 ounces (326 grams)
    • Folio only: 7.5 ounces (213 grams)
  • Length: 9.75 inches (247 mm)
  • Width: 7.625 inches (193 mm)
  • Depth: .9 inches (23 mm)
  • Type: ZAGGfolio Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • Duration: battery will last several months of normal use without charging.
  • $99.99
  • Leather finish is an additional $30