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Cookie DoodleCookie Doodle by Shoe the Goose is a univeral app where children make a recipe, bake and then decorate a virtual cookie with none of the mess associated with baking at home. The app features 24 , over 200 cookie cutters, photo cookie dough, and 85 different toppings.  You can practice recipes with tasks like naming the various objects in the recipe, sifting, rolling, mixing and using cookie cutters to shape the cookies. The recipes can be used in real life to make cookies and help your child practice naming items, measuring, sequencing and fine motor skills.

I liked the variety of recipes and cookie cutters in the app as well as the various decorating tools.  In addition, I liked that we could make the recipes in real life allowing us to take what we had done on the iPad and trying out different recipes – although we couldn’t replicate the photo dough!  This app creates the opportunity for conversation as well as allowing children to experiment with science concepts.  The easy bake oven makes the cookies perfectly in mere seconds with no burning.

I would like to see a “create your own recipe” or the ability to have some additional ingredients like raisins or food coloring to “dye” the dough. It would also be great to shake on items like sugar using the sifter after they are decorated.  In addition, I would love to see the app name the different items like egg, flour when they are added to the bowl.

This app is very similar in concept to its sister app Cake Doodle and is sure to keep your child engaged. Next time your child asks to make cookies – maybe you can have them do it on the iPad.

Cookie Doodle – Shoe the Goose

Cookie Doodle Cookie Doodle by Shoe the Goose

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***** 2011 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation *****

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One of "Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids"

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