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More Fun With Directions HD

More Fun With Directions is the sequel to Fun With Directions from California based app developer Hamaguchi apps. It was developed by pediatric SLP Patti Hamaguchi to work on listening skills, following directions, basic concepts, early reading and auditory processing. The Superstar Direction can also be used to work on expressive language skills. Although it is a sequel to Fun With Directions you do not need to have used that app before using this one – you can choose which one to use based on the concepts you are working on.

The app has 3 main levels:

Easy: which contains one simple direction such as “Turn on the Lamp” and is aimed at toddlers or children with emerging language.

Intermediate: Includes slightly more complex directions, which may include colors or other descriptions, such as “Where is the game? Put it in the green garbage can”, and usually includes at least 3 options to choose from.

Advanced: Includes more complex directions and concepts such as “Find a vehicle that flies, take it out of the trunk of the yellow car and put it on the grass.” It requires more complex auditory and language processing than the first 2 levels.

The concepts worked on in this app are: above, behind, on, up, down, behind, front, under, put in, take out, turn on and turn off. You can choose to work on specific ones or all of them. The questions will all focus on one specific concept such as above, until you choose to move on to the next concept (the app remembers which ones you have selected). When working on listening, following directions and auditory processing it is recommended to switch the text off and voice commands on, when working on early reading switch the voice off and text on.

The default setting for the app is intermediate level, voice on text off, all concepts in random order, and this is a good place to start, you can then adjust the level up or down to suit the student. In this level the student may be presented with a picture of 3 monkeys – 1 brown, 1 pink, one yellow and asked “help the brown monkey go down the tree”. If the student touches the pink or yellow monkey nothing happens, if they touch the brown monkey he will climb down the tree. With other concepts the child may be required to drag or tap the correct object to follow the direction e.g.”look for the red star and put it above the boy”. Periodically a “Superstar Direction” will appear, with this the child proceeds as normal, then has to remember and describe what they just did e.g. “helped the brown monkey go down the tree”. You can record them and playback their answer, there is also an option to listen again to the correct answer, so the child can hear both their answer and the correct one. This is useful both for working on expressive language and auditory memory skills.

Picture The Sentence is another great app from Hamaguchi, it includes an optional sandtimer feature where you get to hear the question (with no picture) and choose a time interval before the child sees the picture and gets to complete the task. I would love to see this option added to this app (and to Fun with Directions) – this would be great for working on auditory memory skills in addition to following directions. Data tracking would also be a nice addition.

The app is illustrated with simple line drawings in a variety of bright colors. The brightly colored pictures and the reward of seeing the animations when she chooses the right answer work well for keeping my daughter interested in the app. The Superstar directions are a nice additional feature – it is challenging for my daughter to complete these, but it is great practice and she is really proud when she hears herself saying the right answer. Overall, this is another great app from Hamaguchi – they create well made, engaging apps that make working on these skills fun, and are great value at only $9.99. Highly recommended.

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More Fun with Directions HD:
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Cost: $9.99 (227MB)More Fun With Directions HD - Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development ***** SALE MAY1-8TH $5.99******

More Fun with Directions:
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Cost: $9.99 (227MB)More Fun With Directions - Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development ***** SALE MAY1-8TH $5.99******

LITE 0.99c  Free May 1-8th More Fun With Directions HD Lite - Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

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