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Math Ocean by VCare Creation is the latest ocean-themed math app for iPhone that helps your preschoolers learn basic math concepts (addition, subtraction, matching, comparison and patterns) in a very encouraging and relaxing setting.  For the purpose of this review, this app was played using the 2x mode on an iPad.  Despite that, the graphics are still clear.

Before starting to play, you can turn off the light music background (if you wish) and choose between Level 1 or 2.  In the default Level 1, only numbers up to 5 are used in the math equations and up to 4 items are presented for the other activities while Level 2 involves numbers up to 10 and up to 6 items.

There are 5 activities to choose from:-
1. Indian Ocean – Addition
The simple addition equations are supported by visual representations of different groups of sea creatures for each addend.  This teaches the child that we can add different types of items together and that they don’t have to be of the same type.  For further support, your child can tap the ‘?’ button to see the number attached to each sea creature and this one-to-one correspondence helps him grasp the addition concept better.  You can also encourage him to tap on each sea creature as he counts them and he will be delighted to see them change as he touches them.

2. Antarctic Ocean – Subtraction
The subtraction equations are similarly supported visually by the numbering of each penguin and an animation of penguins jumping into the sea to show how many penguins have to be subtracted.  Look out for a fun animation at the end of each question.

What I like about the addition and subtraction activities is that each equation is accompanied by a word problem displayed in words and read out once.  Being familiar with such word problems enables the child to apply the math concept in everyday situations and builds comprehension skills at the same time.

3. Pacific Ocean – Matching
Kids help to repair the broken submarine by putting on the windows with the correct shape and color.  There are 5 different shapes of different colors to match.

4. Beach – Comparison
The comparison activities requires your child to arrange 4-6 similar items in order of size, quantity or color shade.  This activity may be more challenging than you think and it helps if he is shown how to move only 1 item each time and compare it with the rest.   Highlight to him that comparison can be easily made when he arranges the items in a line like how they are in this activity.

5. Beach – Patterns
Recognizing a pattern in things around us helps us to think logically to predict what is to come and it is an essential skill for school success.  This activity requires the child to complete a pattern in logical order with the correct toys.  It presents 3 different patterns (AABB, AAB, ABC) to train a child’s logical reasoning and analytical ability.

This is a very kid-friendly app with no links to bring your child out of the app and the menu is disguised as a cloud at the top left hand corner (as if it’s part of the background).  Then you have Dory, a lovely girl dolphin, who will lead your child to learn and practice basic math skills while praising and encouraging him.  For every 3 or4 correct answers, your child also earns a sticker.  For the younger child, this seems to be a motivating factor.  Check out the trailer below.

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Overall, this is an easy to use and stress-free math app with great support for the beginner math student.  With many items that remind your child of his summer fun at the beach and a relaxing music in the background, your child will want to visit Dory’s Math Ocean over and over again.


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