Reviewed by Amanda & Alison

Amanda: Alphabet Jumble is a brand new app by Little Learning Tots and mixes up learning the alphabet from the usual way by offering five fun games that vary in difficulty as you progess. ‘Know Your ABC’ helps children recognise the letters of the alphabet by reading them out aloud and emphasizing them one by one in order. If you select a letter, it will then say that letter alone and the narrator will cease to read the rest of the alphabet. With the ‘ABC Flash Cards’, it scrolls through an assortment of images using each letter of the alphabet in order announcing what is pictured on the card. Tapping the card will repeat this. To move to the next flash card, you simply tap the right arrow and you are able to go back using a left arrow. ‘Easy Jumble’ offers the challenge of unjumbling the five letters displayed by dragging them to their correct spot as shown by a dotted outline. To repeat the game using different letters, simply tap the circular arrow at the bottom right. The last two games introduce an activity a little more difficult than the rest. In ‘Jumble A-Z’ you must place the letters of the alphabet in their correct order in the shortest time possible and the final game, ‘Jumble Challenge’ has the user trying to place a selection of letters in the correct order before the minute timer runs out, all while trying to avoid the fish that bites the letters and also bite a chunk out of your time!

This charming app features a cute soundtrack and beautiful array of engaging colours and patterns and is designed especially for young children with no settings, no in-app purchases and no social buttons or links included. At the present, it only works on the iPad 2 and new iPad, not on the original. I tested the app on the new iPad with all three of my boys – the five year old wasn’t incredibly interested as he thought is was more of a babies game but my three and one year old love it. While scrolling through the flash cards, my youngest was heard repeating the words back as the narrator said them aloud including words I had never heard him say before! The narration was well done and each voice over was clear and articulate.

The part I liked most about this app was that no matter which of the games you were playing, tapping a letter always read it out aloud. I would have liked to see the option to choose uppercase letters as currently the app only uses lowercase and also a leaderboard-style addition to the ‘Jumble A-Z’ so family members can keep track of their times.

Alison: I really liked the fact that the app was for the most part geared at toddlers and helped them to become familiar with letters. Our family also enjoyed playing the word jumble and agree that having uppercase letters would make it easier for younger children to play as they may not yet recognize lowercase letters. I would suggest a “help” feature which can help children if they are stuck on moving a specific letter into the correct order as my son was frustrated several times when he tried and wasn’t able to figure out the correct order. I’d also love to see the app say the alphabet through after completing the word jumble correctly. My son initially had a hard time lining up the letters correctly, but with a little coaching he was able to successfully complete the app and now flies through it! The ‘Jumble A-Z’ seems to be meant for older children as this could be very hard for a younger one.

This app has been the recipient of the Appysmarts Editor’s Favorite badge and also was featured #1 in Educational Games in the UK and #2 in the UK at its peak. If you’re looking for an alphabet learning tool for your child that is a little different to the norm, we highly recommend Alphabet Jumbled.

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Alphabet Jumbled

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