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I Don’t Like Spiders, They Walk On The Sky by Touchscreen Tales is a fun and imaginative story about a little girl and her daddy attempting to understand the life of a spider by pretending to be spiders!  They got themselves pretend legs, extra eyes, suckers and web-strings and wanted to walk on the sky like spiders.  Nudging them along is an enormous, cunning and hungry spider who is just biding his time for the right moment to attack the humans.  And when he finally got his chance, a superhero arrives just in time to save the day!

This storybook is long with over 30 pages of action but you will not feel bored.  Each page surprises you with a different layout and text placement and the plot is unpredictable.  With so much going on, I wish there is a page menu so that parents can select crucial pages to make a shorter version for younger children to enjoy.  Interactive elements are still being added to the storybook app, so you will find only some on the first few pages at the moment but you can suggest the kind of interactions you hope to see to the developers.  Even with more interactive details added, I personally think this book is best enjoyed without these distractions, at least when the story is read for the first time.  The story itself is very engaging.

There is word for word highlighting for both the ‘Read to me!’ and ‘Read it myself’ modes. However, having the individual words highlighted in the text without the narration in the ‘Read it myself’ mode is rather strange. I’m not sure if children would be able to match the speed of the guided reading.  It may be better to make this feature optional to cater to children of all reading abilities.


Always looking for a message to teach in a story, I thought this story would open up an avenue for children to voice out their fears but my arachnophobic son thought differently.  He said that this was a good story because it reinforced his belief that spiders just cannot be trusted and that Daddy is wrong when he says that spiders are more afraid of the humans.  I wonder what other children will say.


On the whole, I Don’t Like Spiders, They Walk On The Sky is a high quality animated storybook app with great illustrations, comical sound effects, fun text that go all over the screen, engaging dialogue and a silly plot with twists and turns that will appeal to children up to lower elementary school level.  The staggered lines of text wonderfully timed with the superb narration made this app a truly outstanding storytelling experience.


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