The Wonkidos™ animated series teaches social and life skills to individuals who benefit from a visual learning style.  These animated stories are targeted at all children, teaching important life skills for everyday. Each story models correct behaviors and teaches fun lessons for all ages. The series feature a young boy, Evan who loves playing with his favorite toys, the Wonkidos! The Wonkidos – Wobbles, Stacks, Apps and Sparkles spring to life in Evan’s imagination, and together with Mr. Know-It-All, help Evan learn valuable social skills in a fun and entertaining way!

These videos are available as downloads on the Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds website, DVD and iOS apps.  Even if you don’t have the videos, you can still teach your children the correct steps using the Wonkidos step by step handouts which you can download for FREE on the website.

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Step By Step Getting Dressed With The Wonkidos
Before Evan can go outside and play he needs to get dressed.  Watch as the Wonkidos help teach Evan the steps he needs to do in order to get dressed.  The Wonkidos teach Evan step by step directions what to do to get dressed before going outside.  Also available as an interactive eBook.


Step by Step Going Potty with the Wonkidos
Learning how to go potty in the toliet can be scary for any child.  Watch as the Wonkidos teach Evan step by step how to use the potty.  Let the Wonkidos help your child learn how to use the potty!  Also available as an interactive eBook.


Step By Step Playing With Friends With The Wonkidos
Asking a friend to play is difficult for some children. This video will teach step by step how to ask a friend to play with you. Special topics include eye contact, communication and smiling at friends. Children will learn proper ways to approch and greet another child, as well as ways to ask them to play and listen to their response.  Also available as an interactive eBook.


Wonkidos Exercise with Stacks
Stacks and the rest of the Wonkidos will helps your child learn about exercise and staying healthy.   Stacks will teach different exercises and your child can participate along with the Wonkidos to learn how to stay healthy and active.   This video is an excellent 5 minute activity break for kids who need to get their bodies in motion.


Wonkidos Step by Step What to do if you Get Lost
Evan learns what he needs to do if he gets lost. The Wonkidos teach him step by step instructions about what to do when going on a field trip including staying with your group, and staying with a buddy. But also teaching important information you must know in case you are lost: Your first and last name, parents, name, and phone number and address.


Wonkidos Step by Step Ordering at a Restaurant
Evan needs to learn how to order all by himself at a restaurant.  Teaching children early to order for themselves at a restaurant helps them gain confidence and learn important social skills they will needs as they go through life learning to interact with others.  The Wonkidos teach him step by step instructions about what you need to do when you go to a restaurant and order food by yourself, including eye contact, looking at the menu and talking to your waiter.


Category: Education
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Cost: $3.99 Brighter Futures For Beautiful Minds (63.8 – 87.5 MB)



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