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TouCoul CV1002 CoulVue for iPad2 CoulVue for iPad2 by TouCoul is a mount designed for rear seat use in the car for your iPad2 or “new iPad”. We recently put this device to the test in my SUV during a long car ride with our iPad 2. TouCoul is the brainchild of Tete Sedalo, an engineer who grew up in West Africa, studied in France, and now lives in Southern California. The company started in 2010.

I really liked the fact that this device had an arm which allowed you to position it in a variety of positions within the car.  In addition, I also liked the fact that it could be “shared” between multiple people by moving it to the center between the two seats of the car.   The device seems solid and works well. The device was easy to install and remove from my car as necessary – without tools after the initial installation with the allen wrench unlike other mounts I tried. It felt solid for my iPad and I my son enjoyed watching a variety of movies and videos on it.  The customer service for this product is wonderful and they are willing to help you install and remove the device no matter how many times you need it.  For that alone, they have a high rating in my book.

One thing that I would like to see improved for a future version is a “quick-release” or an easy way to take the iPad out of the mount.  Currently I remove the entire mount from my car in order to get the iPad out as I worried about the plastic tabs holding in the iPad breaking over time.  In a future rendition, I’d like to see these tabs be thicker and sturdier.  Another challenge I had with the mount was that my son was scratched by it when I had removed the iPad temporarily when climbing into his car seat.  It would be nice to have a way to flip it in allowing the mount to stay on but not worry about hitting the plastic pieces by mistake.  I’m not sure if it is possible, but finding a way to make the “arm” movable and long enough so that children can play with apps while using the mount would be a wonderful addition as well.  Currently, as a back seat passenger without a car seat, you can access the touch screen easily.  My last comment is that you should check to ensure this mount is compatible with your car – you must have the metal rods on the headrest of your car in order for this mount to work, otherwise it does not have a place to clip into.

CoulVue - new iPadIf you are looking for a mount to use in the backseat of your car with your kids to allow them to watch videos, play with apps and generally keep them entertained and want to deal with a company that has great customer service this will be a great device for you.

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Category: Bags, Cases & Covers
Requirements: Compatible with iPad 2 and “the new iPad”.
Cost: $ 59.99

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CoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPadCoulVue - new iPad