What we love…

The unique right brain exercises are more like play than work. Questions and activities involve only images rather than words and numbers.

What we’d love to see…

Audio added to the animated stories.


A great resource for right brain development with lots of quizzes and activities suitable for children up to 6 years old.

Our Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars!

Play and Grow : Right Brain Exercises by Gakugei Co., Ltd. is an iBook filled with cute characters, engaging short animations and lots of game-like quizzes for exercising the right brain.  These exercises aim to activate the less utilized right brain for optimal functioning of the whole brain and hence unlocking the child’s learning potential.

If you are not familiar with the right brain programs practiced in Japan, you may find some of the quizzes in this iBook foreign but they are not at all difficult to understand. Designed for use with an adult, the instructions in this iBook are clear and there are animated stories to introduce each of the 15 topics included.  These animations (no audio) feature 8 cute characters who will attract and keep your children’s attention throughout the program.  Children will soon find out each character’s unique characteristics and can’t help being drawn to the stories and activities.

There are altogether 56 sets of 5 questions arranged according to topics and difficulty levels.  Using only images and no words or numbers, the exercises aim to develop a variety of skills like attention to details, scientific knowledge, mathematical thinking, deductive logic, mental flexibility, creativity, visual memory and discrimination.

While there are familiar activities included e.g, finding the odd one out, a few activities may be new for the children e.g. looking at objects in different ways.  Some can even be extended to beyond the iPad like cutting fun shapes out of colored paper.  Depending on the type of questions/activities, some answers are demonstrated through a short animation and the multiple choice questions are designed for errorless learning.  Do note that the types of exercises included in this iBook form just a fraction of the many exercises children in a typical right brain accelerated learning program are exposed to.  It is also uncommon to find such a printed resource in English.

It’s a pity that the animated stories have no audio but my son and I had fun taking turns dramatizing the characters’ dialogue. Other than that, this iBook on right brain exercises is a great resource for families who want to develop their children’s enormous right brain abilities.  The fresh approach to learning is sure to engage your children for hours.

Category: Education
Requirements: This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad.  iOS 5 is required.
Cost: $ 4.99   Play and Grow : Right Brain Exercises - Gakugei Co., Ltd.


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