What we love…

Lessons are clear, well-paced and supported by many interactive examples and adaptive tests. Progress reports from the test results help you target topics that need attention.

What we’d love to see…

Animation to show the passage of time in relation to a day’s activities.


This is an app that you should check out first if you are looking for a time teaching app. Suitable for total beginners and children with special needs.

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Tell Time – Interactive elementary app to learn telling time by StudyPad, Inc. is the most detailed and complete time teaching app that I’ve come across. It uses a combination of structured lessons, examples and tests to help you teach the abstract concept of telling time confidently.

Lessons are taught progressively in 8 topics – The Clocks (analog and digital), Time to the Hour, Half hour, Quarter hour, Time to 5 Minutes, Time to A Minute, AM and PM and Elapsed Time. These are accompanied by interactive examples and in many of the lessons, students can see as many examples as they wish.  At the end of the topical lessons, you can either let the student read the lessons again or take the topical tests. The tests take the form of multiple-choice questions or time setting/matching tasks.  When a wrong answer is chosen, the app will take the opportunity to demonstrate how to obtain the right answer and move on to the next question.  All the lessons, examples and tests are supported by text which are read out.

While most other time learning apps go straight into a practice or quiz mode and a handful teach by getting the students to learn by manipulating the clock hands, Tell Time teaches one concept at a time in small manageable size, everything from the parts of a clock and the significance of each part to the advanced concept of elapsed time.  The same scaffolding instruction can also be seen in the adaptive tests where questions are generated according to the student’s levels of understanding as reflected in the test results.

What both teachers and parents will appreciate is the progress reports found in the reports section and the optional weekly email subscriptions that show the student’s activity on the app and his progress for the week in comparison to the overall.  In the Setting page, you can also opt to turn off the background music and/or sound effects if you find these distracting.  What students will like is the ability to personalize the avatar by choosing accessories for it.  They have to answer three consecutive test questions correctly for every coin they need to buy accessories for the avatar’s eye, head, neck and feet.

Wish list:-
1) Multiple student profiles, regardless whether the app is used by a parent or teacher.
2) A repeat button for the lesson or test question to be read out again and the ability to repeat lessons that have been completed directly from the main menu for a quick revision.
3) Animation to show the passage of time and what AM and PM means in relation to a day’s activities.
4) A live clock that gives students a feel of how long are the different units of time taught in the lessons e.g. a minute and 5 minutes.

Tell Time is a well designed app for teaching and practicing the essential skill of time telling.  It allows you to teach the various aspect of telling time at a pace that is just right for your child/student with clear structured lessons, interactive examples and adaptive tests.  If you are looking for an app to teach how to tell time, I recommend that you check out Tell Time first.


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