What we love…

Cute and humorous animated lessons which teach useful strategies to solving math problems. Explanations and clues are given when students encounter difficulty solving the practice questions.

What we’d love to see…

Dialogues, questions and explanations that are read out and can be repeated upon tapping. More 1st Grade Math topics to be included.


Using simple sentences, clear visuals, step-by-step interactive lessons and guided practice sessions, this app helps young children prepare well for First Grade Math.

Our Rating

I see! Math1 by Gakugei Co.,Ltd. is a bilingual (English/Japanese) app containing 25 units of lessons with lots of practice drills for students preparing for 1st Grade Math. If you find the illustrations familiar, it’s because this app is from the same developer as the popular Play and Grow : Right Brain Exercises and it’s another winner!

From the menu, you can choose to work on any of the 7 topics and there are no levels to be unlocked in sequence:-

    • Numbers up to 10 – How Many? (3 units), Which One?
    • Parts of a Whole – Parts and Whole, Find the Part, How Many are Hiding?
    • Shape – Various Shapes (2 units)
    • Addition – How Many in All? (2 units), Add With Zero, Addition
    • Subtraction – How Many are Left?, How Many More?, Zero in subtraction, Subtraction, Calculation With 3 Numbers
    • Measurement/Clock – Compare Length, Compare Capacity, Compare Area, How to Read a Clock
    • Large Numbers – Numbers up to 20, Numbers Greater Than 20, Numbers Greater Than 100

For each topic, the learner watches an animated story where the lesson is presented through the dialogue between the cute characters. When he is ready, he can then attempt the practice questions. If he has difficulty getting the correct answer, the app will show a clue and give more explanations where appropriate. Sadly however, these dialogue, questions and explanations are available only in the written form and are not read out. This doesn’t mean that the app is silent, it does have sound effects and background music which can be turned off or set in different volume. Despite this shortcoming, I have to state that I like this app very much. It will be perfect when the voices are added as promised by the developer!

What I like about this app is that the lessons are easy to understand as everything is shown step by step. With their simple sentences, interactive hands-on approach and clear visual examples, I find it so much easier to convey a concept to my youngest. Concepts are introduced through interesting stories and are taught in increasing difficulty and complexity. Clues are given to guide the learner and he is allowed unlimited tries to get the right answer, helping him to learn in the process. The animated stories are interesting and always end with something funny. The characters are so cute and lively, everything is bright and happy, there is no stress nor the feeling of being tested.

The app has a basic report that helps you monitor what units have been done and how many sets of practice sessions have been attempted for each unit. It would be great if it can also highlight what topic needs extra help. I also hope that the developer will consider adding more topics in future updates to cater to a wider range of school curriculum.

Overall, this app is an effective teaching tool to help students learn the strategies for solving Math problems of up to 1st Grade level. With simple sentences, clear visuals, step-by-step interactive lessons, guided practice sessions and the soon-to-be added audio component, it is a great asset in any classroom, home or school based. It’s definitely worth your time to download the free lite version and try it out with your children/students.

I see! Math1 I see! Math1 by がくげい
Category: Education, Games, Educational, Family
Requirements: Compatible with iPad WiFi, iPad 3G, iPad 2 WiFI, iPad 2 3G, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G
Size: 92.19 MB


I see! Math1 Free
I see! Math1 Free
by がくげい

Category: Education, Games, Educational, Family
Requirements: Compatible with iPad WiFi, iPad 3G, iPad 2 WiFI, iPad 2 3G, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G
Size: 35.86 MB


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