What we love…

Simple to start playing but challenging to earn high scores- lots of strategy involved, for an  extra challenge you can play in your choice of 44 different languages.

What we’d love to see…

Multiple player profiles, option to switch off social media sharing.


A word game puzzle that is easy to start playing but challenging to master. Lots of levels, lively background music and sound effects (that you can turn off), nice graphics, a fun game for adults to keep their brain in shape. (It would be good for kids too if it was possible to  switch off social media sharing.)

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Bubblis HD

Bubblis from Spanish developer On Game Creative, is a word game app, it is available in iPad only (HD), iPhone and android versions, this review is of the iPad version. A unique feature of the app is you can choose which of 44 languages to play in, for the purposes of this review it was played in English. you can choose to switch the lively background music and sound effects off or on. Each time you enter the game you can chose to continue your current game or start a new one (which erases the old game).

20121125-213124.jpgThis is a game that is simple to start playing, but challenging to master. Letters are spinning around in a circle in the sky, and periodically float down in a bubble. You then need to decide where that letter should go. There is a grid across the bottom of the screen, as soon as you put a letter in one of these spots you can build another on top of it, but letters can not be moved once in place. Along the left side of the screen are words you are trying to make – but each only counts if it is in its correct row. If you have no letters in place you only see the word choice for the first row, once you have letters in any row 1 spot you can also see the word for row 2, when you have letters in row 3 you can see the word for row 4 etc. There are 7 rows in total – and the higher the number of the row the higher the score for getting the word. The words scores are multiplied by these factors  Row1- x1, Row 2- x2,  Row 3- x3, Row 4- x5,  Row 5-x8, Row 6- x13, Row 7-  x21. When you complete a word that row and all rows below it disappear, and the rows above move down.

iPad Screenshot 2

The simple way to play the game is just to try to complete words in the first or second row, however that is relatively low scoring, so there is a certain amount of strategy involved in trying to build up base layers so that you can complete higher scoring words in the higher rows. To do this you may have to sacrifice the chance to complete lower scoring words. The other factor you need to take into account is time – for each round you have a set amount of time to complete your target number of words (this varies depending on the level). So if you spend too much time trying for the higher valued words you may run out of time.

20121125-213156.jpgTo add another level of challenge there are also various special bubbles – some contain steam – which you have to wipe off the screen to see, or smoke – which you can blow away with a fan or by blowing in the microphone, and some contain clocks which give you extra time. Some letters are also fans – they work as a the letter but also let you blow away smoke, these can be useful to keep on the screen for quickly clearing smoke.

All in all a very interesting word puzzle app, the more you play it the more strategies you develop for earning more points. Each level has a different background image – which are nicely done high quality drawings of different scenes from around the world. It is challenging and gets your brain working ! It is a great game for adults, older kids would enjoy playing it too but it does include direct FB and Twitter links for sharing your score so I would only use it under supervision with kids – it would be nice to be able to switch this option off in settings. It also includes game feint integration so you can compare your scores with others. I would like to have the option for more than one player so that you can both keep playing your own games if more than one person is sharing the iPad. Overall, I would definitely recommend this game for adults and high school students, if they added an option to switch off the social media sharing then I would recommend it for younger ages too.



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