What we love…

Bright colorful graphics,cartoon art and animations are engaging. The app responds to the child  and offers constantly changing stimuli.

What we’d love to see…

Verbal praise added for correct responses.


A great app for working on multiple-cue selectivity for children on the autism spectrum, and for children working on matching and pattern recognition and visual discrimination.

Our Rating

Go Go GamesGo-Go Games is the first app from Go-Go Games Studios, it is an iPad only app. It is a suite of games designed to help children on the Autism Spectrum, but can also be enjoyed by normally developing children too. The aim of the app is to help children with ASD learn to notice multiple features of an object rather than honing in on just one feature. This is a perceptual skill that many children with ASD have difficulty with and the app works to address that by using a series of fun games that work on this skill. The app is based on the concept of Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT)- a relatively recent therapy that is built on behavioral principles but designed to teach generalizable skills, including multiple-cue selectivity. PRT has shown that behavioral techniques can go beyond simple conditioning to teach general learning strategies to children on the autism spectrum.

20121030-162949.jpgThere are currently 3 games in the Go-Go Games suite – Build-a-train, Wheels and Roads and Out of this World. Each game has 6 levels. In Build-a-Train The child is presented with a multi- carriage train and on the track below there is an engine and they have to add carriages to it to match the first train. In the first level they have two carriages to choose from at each step, in higher levels there are three. The app uses an errorless learning approach, if the child selects the wrong carriage they get to try again this time with more different carriages (if it was already at the easiest choice, the carriage just rolls back into its starting spot). Each time the correct carriage is chosen, they get two new choices for the next carriage until the train is complete. They need to complete three trains to finish a level, and then they are rewarded by a train moving through the countryside chugging out confetti from his smokestack.

20121030-162957.jpgIn Wheels and Roads the child is driving a car or truck and they have a choice of three or four different roads to drive the vehicle down. Each road is marked by a road sign with a picture of a vehicle on it, and they need to drive the vehicle down the road with the matching sign, if they get the right road the stars trail behind the vehicle and they hear sound effects from the animal in the car or truck. They need to get six right to complete the level, then a line of cars and trucks drives through the countryside accompanied by stars.

20121030-163017.jpgThe third game Out of this World features bright colorful aliens. The child is presented with one complete alien and an outline of an identical one. A conveyer belt brings up body parts and the child has to choose the right one from five choices e.g. the right head from five heads. If they get the wrong one it doesn’t click in place, and if they repeatedly make the wrong choice a voice reminds them what to do and the correct answer is highlighted. They have to correctly match 3 aliens to complete a level and then the aliens fly off in their spaceships.

20121030-163006.jpgAll of the games feature bright colorful graphics, there is lively background music that can be switched off and optional sound effects. The start of each activity is counted down by “Ready, Set, Match”, when a level is completed a congratulatory message appears on the screen and when a whole game is finished WINNER appears in big letters accompanied by fireworks. None of these text messages has a verbal accompaniment, and as most of the target audience can’t read I would like to see spoken countdowns and praise added at the next update. Children with ASD often have “tunnel vision” honing in on one specific feature of an object and this app helps to work on learning to look at multiple features. As well as being useful for children on the Autism spectrum this app is also good for other children working on pattern recognition and matching, and offers fine motor practice with dragging and dropping. Although the app only has 6 levels in each game, it does have replay value as the exact objects presented for matching are always changing i.e. the first train on level one has a particular combination of carriages the first time you play, but a different combination when you repeat the level. The bright colorful graphics, cute animations and engaging cartoon-like characters and vehicles make this an engaging app. The fact that it responds to the child’s attempts and adapts to how they are doing, also helps it to stand out from other matching apps.  It is a very good buy at the recommended price of $1.99. Highly recommended for children with ASD working on multiple-cue selectivity, as well as for toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners working on visual discrimination, matching and pattern recognition.
Go Go Games – Go Go Games Studios, LLC

Go Go Games
Go Go Games
by Go Go Games Studios, LLC

Category: Education, Games
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