Christmas is coming up fast and The iMums have come up with some cool gift ideas that are bound to be popular under the tree this year.We haven’t personally tested all of these products but they are from reputable companies that we trust and recommend.

All Star GuitarIon Allstar Fitted iPad Holder with 30-Pin Dock Connector (IGT06)
The All-Star Guitar from Ion Audio turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a guitar .It is designed to work with the All-star Guitar app – and includes 10 free songs, but is also compatible with other apps including Apple’s own GarageBand. You can make it sound like an acoustic guitar, electric, or bass. You can strum the strings and LEDs light up on the neck to show you the fingering. It sounds great and is a lot of fun. Available from Allstar Fitted iPad Holder with 30-Pin Dock Connector (IGT06)
iWorld Australia and many other stores. RRP US$129.99. Read our full review here (and enter to win one!)

MOTO TC Monster
The Moto TC Monster Truck From Griffin Technology is a big, rough tough machine that can make light work of your living room. It measures 8″ wide by 11″ long, has big knobby tires and four-wheel independent suspension. Download the free iOS app to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and the MOTO TC then connects via Bluetooth. You have several different choices on how to control it -using the virtual dashboard, tilting the device or having it follow your finger as you draw on the screen. Two of our favorite features are the ability to have it follow a pre-drawn track and the option of recording your own manoevers for it to repeat. Available from or Amazon MOTO TC MonsterRRP US$59.99. Read our full review [here] and enter to win one !

Workmate Case for iPhone 5
The WorkMate case for iPhone 5 combines a heavy duty shell and impact resistant inner to defend your iPhone at work or play. Made tough for harsh environments, the WorkMate offers excellent protection from inevitable drops and knocks. The slim fit, dual material case is pocket-friendly and sure to be a favourite of the tradies. There’s access to all buttons and functions and a screen protector included. Valued at AU$34.95 from Cygnett or Amazon.

iDapt4 Universal Charger The IDAPT4 is an innovative charger designed to simplify the charging of multiple mobile devices. It uses a creative approach that does away with multiple chargers and leads, and creates one sleek product that can charge up to four mobile devices at once. It is compatible with literally thousands of devices.The charger has a base unit and interchangeable charging tips. The IDAPT4 has slots for three of these tips, plus a USB port for charging tablets. IDAPT is based in Barcelona, Spain and the IDAPT4 is their top-of-the-line model. Available from iDapt i4 Charger
for US$59.99. . You can read our full review [here.]

iON Road Rocker for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Bluetooth enabled devices
Do you have a Dad in your life who likes his music? Check out the iON Road Rocker which allows you to turn up your music anywhere that you have a Bluetooth enabled device. It is small enough to carry around (think slightly bigger than an iPad) and using a built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of uninterrupted music. For those who do not have BlueTooth enabled devices, it does provide a cable for connecting them as well as the ability to charge your devices using an integrated USB port. The Road Rocker incredibly compact yet features a high-quality two-way speaker, complete with woofer and tweeter, so you’ll hear your music loud and clear. Available from Amazon  and iON for US$99.00

Aquapac submersible electronics case (Waterproof and floats)

Do you have a Dad who is on the go in wet environments? Be sure to check out aquapac a submersible case which waterproofs your electronics up to 5m or 15 feet of water! This pac in the large sizes fits the iPad, iPad 2, Blackberry Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The screens work through TPU material which allows you to touch and interface with it. The best feature of this case, apart from the fact that it is waterproof is that it floats while protecting your gear from dust, dirt and sand. It does not provide drop support but covers pretty much everything else and even includes an integrated headphone port as well. The case is powered by an Aquaclip® (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open. Available from Amazon and in the UK Aquapac for US$37.00. Read our review here.


314z1FQysGL. AA160  AirStash A02 Flash Memory from Maxell   ReviewAirStash A02 Flash Memory from Maxell
If you are anything like I am, you have more apps than space on your devices. I recently found out a great solution called Airstash A02 from Wearable and Maxell. This handy little device uses SD camera cards and wireless technology to make all of your device memories larger. Instead of facing the dreaded message when you try to load the latest app on your devices, you can load it onto the Airstash and play it back. I have successfully loaded movies, photos, music and apps onto the device and have been able to play them back wirelessly via my device. You can learn more about the device including technical specifications the types of files it will hold and devices it is compatible with to ensure yours will work. You can also read a press release we published about this product when I first got it to try out! Read our full review.

survivor ipad black 1 1 Griffin Survivor iPad Case   ReviewGriffin Survivor iPad 2/iPad 3 case

Are you looking for a case for your iPad 2 or iPad 3 which meets or exceeds US Department of Defense Standards? Griffin’s Survivor does all that and more. The Survivor features a poly carbonate frame with shock absorbing silicone and a build in screen protector to ensure your screen doesn’t get scratched, fingerprints or worst case cracked in a fall. There are hinged plugs which seal the dock connector, camera lens, headphone port, volume controls and also a bonus stand for ease of viewing your iPad on a flat surface. Read our review here.

20121121-170439.jpgThe Go Smart 200 series Stylus The Go Smart 200 series is a pretty space-age looking stylus. Instead of the typical rubber stylus tip it has a spring-loaded circular metal tip. The metal tip has a larger outer circle with cross hairs leading to a tiny central circle; the whole thing is coated with Teflon so it glides smoothly across the screen. We love that it is very precise, glides smoothly, easy to see where you are drawing, works with sticky screen protectors, nice weight and size and has replaceable tips. Available from Amazon for US$24.95  Read our review here.

 KeyLite™ Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard Folio by Kensington   Review & GiveawayKeyLite™ Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard Folio by Kensington
Keylite™ Ultra Slim Keyboard Folio by Kensington is a portable keyboard for your iPad allowing you to touch type with a keyboard versus using the iPad screen. The Keylite™ pairs with your iPad 2 via Bluetooth technology and allows you to “snap” your iPad into the upper part of the case which can be adjusted for ease of typing. The keyboard provides liquid and dust proof keys making your iPad easier to travel with versus a conventional laptop. The case offers a two-position stand as well as a wake/sleep cover. The case is comprised of a material similar to leather with a thin plastic keyboard embedded on one side of the case.. The RRP of this case is $119.99, you can check out this and the full range of KeyFolio cases on Kensington’s website. Read our review here.

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