One of my goals at the moment is to get fit, and running on the treadmill is one way that I am hoping to do that. Being the multi-tasker that I am I really wanted to combine running with using my iPad to watch videos or work on learning to improve my Spanish. To do this I needed a safe, sturdy way to mount my iPad on the treadmill when I’m using it and easily remove it when I’m not. I started searching for a solution and found some mounting systems I thought would work, but they were very expensive, then I stumbled across the Pinchgrip website and it looked like just what I was looking for.

The Pinchgrip is a plastic holder and comes in two separate parts: the grip and the iPad /iPhone holder. The Grip is basically 2 plastic jaws (with a ridged rubber lining, attached to a plastic plate. There is a screw (with big plastic handle to make it easy to operate), which is used to tighten and loosen the jaws. The plate has 4 plastic tabs on it that attach to the iPad/ iPhone holder.

The iPad /iPhone holder comes in different versions to fit your device they currently have models for:  iPhone 3/3s, iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy II, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. The iPad version grips the iPad at 2 corners and at 2 places on the opposite side, the iPhone version grips on two corners and in one place on each of the two long sides. The holder has a plate in the back of it that has 4 slots, the tabs from the grip’s plate slide into these.

When I first got the iPad holder I attached the Grip to the treadmill bar and it attached easily, then I tried sliding on the plate of the iPad holder, but it didn’t feel properly attached at all. THEN I DISCOVERED THAT WAS THE WRONG WAY TO DO IT! What you actually need to do is slide the 2 pieces together BEFORE attaching to a bar or device. When you do this you have to push quite hard then you hear a firm click and they are solidly attached, next you can use the Grip to attach to your Treadmill shopping cart etc

Once it is on the treadmill or cart or stroller (you can attach it to any diameter bar of 20-40mm). You put the 2 iPad corners in place then click the middle tabs in place and it holds in firmly. Once you have finished you push hard on the middle tabs to release it. Then you can quickly unscrew the Grip to remove it. Once you are used to how to do it is very quick to install and remove, so is easy to take along to the gym or supermarket. The iPhone holder can be useful to keep your baby or toddler entertained in the supermarket by attaching it to the supermarket trolley, or you can use it attached to the handle of a stroller to easily see your iPhone whilst walking.


Pinchgrip also makes a car holder that works with the same iPad /iPhone holder, this attaches to the metal rods in a car headrest so the passengers in the next row can see it. It is a plastic bar with 2 mini Grips that can slide along a groove (to fit headrests with different bar spacing). It has a plate that attaches to the iPad /iPhone holder the same way, but this is on a ball and socket swivel joint so you can adjust the angle so the passengers can easily see it.


Overall, if you are looking for a simple inexpensive solution to attaching your iPad or iPhone to anything with a bar- whether it is a stroller, shopping cart, golf cart or treadmill this is definitely a product worth looking at. It has the added bonus that if you buy their combo kit you also get a car bracket that allows you children to view the iPad whilst driving – this can be useful for watching videos on long car journeys. The Pinchgrip products are quick to attach and remove which is very useful when you are using them on the go. I was concerned that if I knocked against it when running it would fall out but it is quite securely held in place and hasn’t dislodged at all with my bumping it. The iPad /iPhone does need to be out of the case to use it, and you need to get the specific model for your device.

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Pinchgrips are available from starting at $19.99 including free worldwide shipping.


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