What we love…

Challenging new twist on traditional word search games. Ability to add your own custom word lists and music. Huge number of word lists to unlock.

What we’d love to see…

Ability to override dictionary for special words e.g. family names.


This is a really fun and challenging game. Great for keeping your mind active. Highly recommended for adults and children from about 2nd grade up, by adding your own word lists you can create  puzzles  suitable for younger children too.

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Word Head

Word Head by Andy Kiger is an iPhone app, but the graphics are high enough quality that you can also play it on the iPad in 2x mode. It is an interesting new twist on traditional word search puzzles, taking them into a 3-D mode on its puzzle cube. It contains no adverts or in-app purchases. It has optional Twitter integration (can be switched off in settings) and it has game center integration. You can listen to the lively background music, add your own music from your devices music library or switch the music off. There are two main modes: Alphabet Quest and Word List, Word List can be played in challenge mode with scoring, or casual mode with no scoring. It also includes an option to add your own custom word lists.

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Initially there is just one word list, but by playing Alphabet Quest you can unlock more. Each time you successfully complete an Alphabet Quest you unlock another word list. There are currently 78 word lists available to unlock, plus you can add your own. You can play in your choice of US English, UK English, French, German or Spanish. When creating your own word lists you can look them up a dictionary for any of the languages, only words in the dictionary can be added to prevent miss-spelled words being used. You can also share your custom word lists via Bluetooth or via the Game Center.

Word List: The game is played on a 3-D cube, which is initially 4×4, as you progress through the game you unlock bigger cubes up to 8×8. Each word list contains anywhere from 50 -150 words and each time you play a game words are randomly selected from your list. In some ways it is much like a traditional word search- words can go horizontally, vertically or diagonally and read forward or backwards. However, having it on a 3-D cube adds a whole new dimension, to as words can wrap around corners and span multiple faces of the cube. When you are working on a word list you can study the list as long as you like, then once you first touch the cube the clock starts ticking (in challenge mode you get more points for solving it faster). Double tapping the screen allows you to rotate the cube freely on its axis to explore all sides. When you see a word you are searching for, rotate the cube so the whole word is visible. Then double tap the screen again to fix it in place and touch the first and last letters of the word. The word is then highlighted and counted towards your score. Find all the words to complete the game. In challenge mode you can use hints if you get stuck but this costs you points. When you are in challenge mode the game also keeps track of your high scores for each cube size and % of words right.

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Custom Word Lists: it can be fun to also create your own word lists, and you can share them with family and friends. It also means that you can create easier word lists for children e.g. sticking with 3 or 4 letter words and a 4×4 cube in casual mode. You do need to have at least 8 words in your word list before you can add it to the available lists. You can also look up definitions of words at any time, and with the custom word lists you can create puzzles for working on spelling or vocabulary lists in a fun way.

This does not feel like just another word search game  – the 3-D aspect really increases the challenge, you have to look at it a whole new way to see words going around corners especially ones that flow diagonally backwards across multiple cube faces. I have been enjoying the challenge of playing this app, and it IS a challenge! My nine-year-old son is enjoying it too, and we find it fun to play together, it’s definitely a game where 2 sets of eyes are better than one. I think younger children would find the built-in word lists very hard at first, but the custom word list option does mean you can create new puzzles more suited to their level. I understand why you can only use word lists in the dictionary and appreciate that it keeps words correctly spelled. I wish there was an over ride option for special words as I’d love to create one with my kids names in (they have Irish names and so only one of the three is in the included word lists). I did find the app a little tricky to get used to at first, switching back and forth between the modes where you turn the cube and where you highlight the word takes a double tap, and it can be easy to forget which mode you are in. Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite addicting trying to beat each challenge !


Overall, this is a very well done word search app and very challenging. With the ability to unlock 78 word lists, create custom word lists, and because the puzzles from each word list are different each time, this is an app that you can play over and over again with new challenges each time. Although it was designed for the iPhone I have been playing it on the iPad and the graphics are high enough quality that it still looks good in 2x mode. Playing the app is great for keeping your mind active.  I like the ability to add your own word lists and music, and being able to look up the word’s definition is great for increasing vocabulary. Highly recommended for adults and children from about 2nd grade up, by adding your own word lists you can create puzzles suitable for younger children too.


Word Head ( 3D Word Search )
Word Head ( 3D Word Search )

Category: Games, Word, Education
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