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What we love…

the ease of adding and removing grippers which allow you to customize one stylus for multiple people

What we’d love to see…

a smaller version for younger kids who may not be able to hold a full #2 pencil stylus


This is a great stylus which will grow with your child as they age.

Smarty Shortz Stylus by Smarty Shortz LLC is a stylus designed for kids! This stylus includes grippers which help children develop the correct grip when tracing letters in both print and cursive on your devices. The stylus pencil resembles a number two pencil with the exception that it has a rubberized tip instead of a graphite tip and it has a similar feeling to a full #2 pencil. The stylus came with three different grippers all of which can slide on and off to meet the various needs of the user.

The individual grippers for this stylus really help you to customize it to your child’s grip style based upon their age. I liked the stylus for apps other than just handwriting ones as well because rather than using his fingers, my son used it and tried to color in a picture on the screen and was able to do it with far more precision than he was normally able to do. In terms of using it with handwriting apps, my son was able to use the stylus and attempt to copy the letters and numbers on the screen. There were definitely times he was more successful than others, but he kept trying and I saw improvement the more he used the stylus. This stylus could be used in occupational therapy to help children work on their grip of a pencil while doing fun activities on the iPad or other devices which would provide positive reinforcement for using it.

It would be great if this stylus was offered in a smaller style for younger children – who may be too young for a full #2 pencil similar to a “pip squeak marker style” where it’s a marker but just in a smaller package. It would also be nice if there were a smaller version I could put in my purse for times when we are out with just my iPhone instead of the full iPad and he wants to use it.

The stylus pencils are available for purchase by both parents and professionals. They offer a school “classroom kit” which includes 12 stylus pencils, 12 grippers, the Smarty Print app and instruction cards. The kits can be purchased for the 2-5 classroom and as a “Kindergarten and older” classroom kit. Individual styluses and pencils can be purchased by parents to help carry over learning from school to home or just to provide practice for children in using a stylus versus their hands on touch screen devices. This is a great stylus which will grow with your child as they age. You can buy the stylus online at


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