What we love…

The creativity that goes into the ingredient choices, Octopus burger with chocolate anyone ? Lots of unusual choices let children exercise their imagination and creativity.

What we’d love to see…

Child proofing of app store links, some more fruits and veggies in the ingredient options.


A fun app for role playing turn taking and imaginary play. Also good for fine motor practice and counting.

Our Rating

Bamba Burger

Bamba Burger is an iPad only app from kids app developer Bamba. Bamba are known for their fun, creative play apps, Bamba Post Office, Bamba Ice Cream and Bamba Pizza, you can read our reviews of Bamba Pizza here and Bamba Ice-Cream here. In Bamba Burger children can pretend to work in a fast food restaurant or be the customer. This restaurant servers all the usual fast food fare but also some rather unusual ingredients – so children can use their imagination creating some unique meals. The app has no third party adverts or in-app purchases, social media links are within a child proofed settings section. From the home screen you can swipe to see the store fronts for other Bamba apps, and these do contain app store links. They are not very obvious (my children didn’t even notice the other screens), but I would like to see these links also locked like the social media ones.
Once they enter the restaurant the first step is to create the burger. First they get to choose what kind of bun – from standard choices such as a hamburger bun or Kaiser roll, through more unusual ones such as a birthday cake or donut to really silly ones such as an oyster shell. They get to cut the bun in two, which is good fine motor practice. Next they get to fry the burger patty, and flip it over to cook on both sides. Then comes their chance to get really creative, there are 28 different ingredients to choose from in assembling their sandwich. There are typical burger options such as hamburger patties, bacon, cheese, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato and mustard. If they are feeling a little more adventurous they can add eggs, mushrooms, anchovies, chilies, spaghetti or bananas. Then if they want a really unusual burger there are lots more choices including chocolate, flowers, candy, paper or octopus!! My children have a lot of fun with this trying to come up with the strangest combinations they can think of. I really like that the app doesn’t just have regular burger ingredients but also includes lots of other fun, and silly, choices. I’d love to see some more fruit and veggie options (it does already have some ), so they can play making healthy choices too.


Next they get to fill up their drink from the soda fountain, but as well as soda and milk this fountain has some very interesting options!


The meal is completed by choosing one of three kinds of fries -cutting them up and then frying them.

Once the meal is complete they go to the cash register and pay. Finally they get to eat their meal and unwrap and play with the surprise toy that comes with it.


This is a fun, creative toy for role-playing. Children can play by themselves, but it also works very well for two children to play together – one being the customer and the other working in the restaurant. I especially like the way Bamba has had fun with the ingredient choices – my kids love to choose all the really outlandish options to see what combinations they come up with.


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