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What we love…

Easy to use even for very young children, fun interactive elements and how the scene changes, I really like the option to change to other locations and time zones.

What we’d love to see…

Adding the date, option to add your own custom cities.


A fun way for young children to learn about the weather and time, both where they live and in other countries.


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Weather and Clock for Kids

Weather and Clock for Kids is a new app from Kidoteca the developers of Magical Music Box and Matryoshka! In this simple app even very young children can access the current time, weather and weather forecast, for their current location and for a number of cities around the world. The app contains no adverts, in-app purchases, social media or external links. It can be used in English, Portugese, Russian or French.

At first glance this is a very simple app – it only contains one scene – a living room with a T.V., radio, 2 clocks, a fireplace, a table and and open window; but upon further investigation it has some fun elements that keep children coming back to it again and again. The app is designed to teach even very young children about the weather and time. Looking out of the window they see what the weather is like today in their current location, they can also hear sound effects- birds cheeping on a sunny day, rain falling on a wet afternoon or thunder and lightening in a storm. They can open and close the window and they can make a fire in the fireplace. Switching on the television they can see the local weather forecast for each of the next seven days. A cute little mouse holds up a sign with the current temperature (you can choose to have it displayed in Farenheight or Centigrade). A sign on the wall says what day of the week it is, and two clocks – one analog and one digita,l display the current time. Tapping the radio will start music playing, and tapping again changes the station. If they touch one of the clocks, temperature or day sign the mouse will speak the time, temperature or day.

As well as learning about the day, time and weather in their own location, children can explore them in other places around the world. There are 10 different locations to choose from ranging from Vostok, Antartica; through Giza, Egypt; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France. It is a great opportunity to talk with children about different places around the world, and to show them how the time and weather there can be very different from at home. It can be a lot of fun to look up other places and see what time of day it is and what their weather forecast is like.

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Although there is only one scene in the app it has subtle changes that it can be fun for children to look out for. The mouse has a selection of different outfits he wears, the wallpaper and analog clock change too – one day you may have a cat clock and ABC wallpaper, another day it may be a dog clock and snowflakes on the wallpaper. There is a circular table in the foreground that always has an interactive element on it but this changes too – I’ve seen breakfast to eat, a vase that will fill with flowers, crayons that draw in a book, a globe that shows a route travelled and more.
Children in preschool and early elementary school study the weather and time, and this app can be a nice interactive supplement to that. At the moment the time is spoken as 10 hours 3 minutes rather than ten -o- three or three minutes past ten, but the developer has told me they plan to change this in the next update. Other things that would be nice additions would be to also include the date, and I’d love to see an option to add your own custom cities to the list of options. It would be a lot of fun to be able to look up what the weather and time is where overseas relatives live.

Overall, a fun way for young children to learn about the weather and time, both where they live and in other countries. At only 99c it is well worth downloading. We love how easy to use it is, even for very young children. We also like it’s fun interactive elements and how the scene changes and we especially like the option to change to other locations and time zones.





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