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Bamba Ice-CreamBamba Ice-Cream is an iPad only app by Mezmedia. In this app children can run a virtual ice-cream parlor – choosing what flavors of ice-cream and what kinds of toppings are available for sale, dishing up ice-cream treats and eating them. The flavors on offer aren’t just your typical chocolate, strawberry and vanilla though – they include some interesting choices such as Princess, Chilli or Alien ice-cream !!

The app opens to a picture of an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, touching the door opens it, and the child enters the parlor. Once inside they choose which six (of eighteen) ice-cream flavors will be on the menu today. Choices include classics such as chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and raspberry swirl as well as some more unusual choices including anchovy, robot and princess ! Next they choose which six (of twelve) toppings will be available today – there are lots of classic toppings such as gummy bears, chocolate sprinkles or strawberry sauce as well as a mystery flavor. Then they choose to serve a cone, cup, basket, waffle or banana split. Then it is time to scoop the ice-cream and toppings onto their chosen treat. After this it is time to pay, the child can choose what to charge for the ice-cream, ring it up on the cash register then count out the correct number of coins (the purse always contains just the right number). Then comes the fun part – eating the ice-cream !!  Read our full review!

Bamba Ice-Cream Bamba Ice-Cream by Mezmedia
Category: Education, Educational, Games
Requirements: Compatible with iPad WiFi, iPad 3G, iPad 2 WiFI, iPad 2 3G, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G
Size: 97.91 MB


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