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What we love…

Zen mode and multi-touch allow even toddlers to play. peaceful music and graphics.

What we’d love to see…

The pause button is very large and easy to accidentally press -I’d like it made smaller; addition of scoring chart in regular mode to keep track of the top scores.


Contains 2 simple arcade games. Quite soothing in zen mode and trying to beat your high score in regular mode can be quite addicting. An app for all ages.

Our Rating

Cute ArcadeCute Arcade by Big Heart Games is a universal app and contains 2 games. It has no adverts, in-app purchases or social media links. It is designed to a series of games suitable for all ages. The games can be played in either regular mode or zen mode (with infinite lives). They are accompanied by relaxing piano music. The games allows multi- touch – this is useful for toddlers and babies who often put more than one finger on the screen at a time, and it can be useful for older players in the more advanced modes allowing them to touch multiple stars or sheep, at once.

The 2 games currently included are counting sheep and falling stars.

Counting Sheep:This is set in a bedroom scene where 2 children are peacefully sleeping. Sheep are floating across the screen horizontally and the player has to touch the sheep to count them. If they miss too many in regular mode the children wake up and start to cry, in zen mode you can keep counting sheep indefinitely. There are different colored sheep which have different properties – red sheep are super sheep – they wear superhero capes and fly across the screen lightning fast (well almost!). Grey sheep have 2 lives – with the first tap they get smaller, but you have to tap a second time to catch them. Black sheep change colors when you tap them. In regular mode the different colored sheep have different point values too.

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Falling Stars: This is set outside on a dark moonless night and tiny stars twinkle off in the distance. In the foreground larger colored stars fall from the sky and the player has to catch them (by tapping) before they fall to the ground. Rocket ships also occasionally fly across the screen and you have to avoid tapping them. The different colored stars also have different point values and behave differently – the green ones go in and out of view. Tapping the stars is also like playing a xylophone as they play notes when touched. Similar to the Counting sheep game the player has 3 lives in regular mode and unlimited lives in zen mode, as they keep playing the stars fall faster, making the game harder as it progresses.

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Both games are accompanied by peaceful piano music and counting sheep or catching falling stars can be quite soothing in zen mode. In regular mode it starts out pretty easy in the first few levels, especially in the falling stars game, but the difficulty ramps up as you go up the levels and stars and sheep start flying every where. I can see toddlers just discovering cause and effect really enjoying these games in zen mode, especially as it doesn’t matter how many fingers they touch the screen with. With older kids and adults I think it depends on your personality whether or not you’ll enjoy it and get addicted to playing it. My son (age 9 years) loved it and kept wanting to beat his best score, my 5 year-old daughter only played for a short while before going on to something else, and I think that was more a personality than an age difference. If you like this type of arcade game then it is well worth checking out for only 99c as it is well done. Although I would consider this a recreational app rather than an educational be it can be useful for working on hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. It is quite soothing in zen mode and competitive types may become addicted to trying to beat their best score in regular mode. An app for all ages.


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