What we love…

illustrations, ability to record your own voice in the story

What we’d love to see…

child lock for external links and more interactivity within the app


This app is suited for everyone who loves Peter Pan from children to adults.  This app takes a timeless classic and brings it to digital in an interactive format which will have your kids loving the adventures.

Our Rating

Peter Pan: Disney ClassicsPeter Pan by Disney Digital Books is a universal interactive storybook designed for iOS featuring the timeless classic movie. The app features original artwork from the movie as well as interactive mini games which are embedded within the story. The app has three reading options: read it to me, read it to myself and record your own narration which it remembers after you select it the first time. It also allows you to select your own photo and personalize the book for your children. The read it to me option features word highlighting which helps young children learning how to read.

This timeless movie and story have been a favorite of my son for several years. I really liked the illustrations which were true to the movie although I did feel like key portions of the plot were missing. My son enjoyed the mini games including coloring, puzzles such as interlocking and memory matching as well as playing the flute. I also liked the record feature as I was able to record the story and add in additional pieces of the story.

I would like to see a child-lock on the main page which locks out external links including iTunes, internet links and links to other apps. This could be integrated within the current settings portion of the app.  I would also like to see more interactivity on the page, rather than just words – we would have loved to fly Peter Pan, participate the the sword fight, and making Tick Tock Crock snap while watching Mr. Smee and Captain Hook.  I would also love to see the original music from the move included within the app.

This app takes a timeless childhood classic and brings it to life in an interactive book format.  I really enjoyed sharing the app with my son and our family.  This app is suited for everyone who loves Peter Pan from children to adults.  It’s wonderful to have the element of wonder from Neverland.  If you buy the new Peter Pan DVD Set (Diamond Edition) the app is also included!


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