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What we love…

Many options, very versatile, time saver

What we’d love to see…

The ability to set up users and save settings, multiple word lists for each user


App allows for practice of words for articulation/ phonology goals,apraxia goals,  reading goals, minimal pairs, the choices are limitless! By adding opportunity for users and saved settings/ word lists specialists could set up beforehand and select user to begin therapy immediately.

Our Rating


Speech FlipBookSpeech FlipBook is a universal app from  Canadian developer Tactus Therapy Solutions, and is designed to resemble the classic flip books used by many SLP’s for articulation practice. Tactus Therapy Solutions was founded to bring the latest technology and proven therapy methods to therapists and people with aphasia and other communication disorders. “Tactus” means touch in Latin, and the touch screen is what makes Tactus Therapy Solutions unique and so easy to use.



Speech FlipBook is a very unique app that meets many needs for many people: parents, teachers, SLPs to name a few.  Tactus has videos and PDFs to assist with learning to use the app and I recommend using these to learn quickly how to utilize the app. This program has many customization features which makes it very flexible and easy to use to target many different goals.  The program allows the user to choose: initial consonants, initial clusters, vowels, final sounds and final clusters. Under each of these categories there are category choices or the user can choose individual sounds in any combination.  You can then flip whole words or by sounds.

iPhone Screenshot 5There are many settings options as well: FlipBook Case – uppercase, lowercase, or International Phonetic Alphabet symbols; Word Case – choose capital or lowercase letters for the words in the Word Bar; Blank Pages – initial, final or both positions;  Include – choose to have real words, non-words, or both in the app; Words – the default for whether or not real words appear in the Word Bar when they come up in the app. Set to Hide if you want users to guess the word before reading it.; Links – deactivate or activate the links to the App Store and Social Media on the Home Screen; Flip Effect – the pages visually turn and make a page-flip sound by default. Some users are distracted by the sound or visual effect, so each can be turned off separately or together;  and Edit Word List – press to go to the Edit Word List Screen to turn any word on or off in the app. The user can record their voice also. There are so many options the program can be a little overwhelming at first but Tactus has videos and PDFs with step by steps that make it easy to begin using the program for articulation, minimal pairs and word lists. The options are limitless!


The videos show how to use the app. To check for ease of use I try the app first then watch videos because many people do not use manuals, videos etc just begin. I tried selecting just the top row of sounds but actually ended up deselecting the sounds I wanted. The program does not allow for setup of different users to save settings currently. maybe in an update this option will become available.


Overall, this is a great app with many uses because there are many options which allow the person to individualize the list of words they want to target. What a time saver versus creating your own flash cards and having to sort them out by hand! Priced at only $4.99 this app very good value for money. However, as a busy SLP the inability to set up individual student profiles and lack of data collection limits it’s usefulness especially in group therapy sessions.  This means all students in a session  have to work on the same skills and the need to set up each session before every use, is a time waster when we are limited on time already. But it is a great concept that would be higher rated with the addition of student profiles and data collection.

Speech FlipBook Standard – Articulation & Apraxia – Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Speech FlipBook Standard Speech FlipBook Standard by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Price: $9.99 USD

A "must-have” tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist to use with all ages.
Use for articulation, apraxia, reading, phonological awareness, and more!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to have quick.

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