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20111215-142610.jpgFun with Directions by Hamaguchi Apps is specifically designed for children who need additional practice in their speech, language or auditory development. It is a very versatile app that allows me to customize it to meet my son’s needs at different stages. I can select which concept(s) I want to work on and decide if I want to target his receptive or expressive language or even both in one session. I can also turn off the voice commands if I want to work on his reading comprehension alone. As I use the app more, I realize that it can be used to address other goals as well.

When I turn off the text command, my son is encouraged to listen to the directions carefully. This is really great for improving his auditory processing skills. To help him improve on his working memory, I encourage him to verbally recall the instructions before attempting the task. With more practice, I hope he will be able to use the Superstar Direction option where he can record the direction he just heard and play back his recording. This adds an element of expressive language to the app.

The basic concepts targeted in this app are:-
Verbs – Give, Touch, Open, Close, Color, Erase, Push.
Spatial Concepts – Top, Middle, Bottom.

There are 3 levels of difficulty you can choose from. The Easy level has only one simple direction (one action + one object) e.g. Touch the frog, progressing to the Intermediate level which has slightly more complex directions (one action + one descriptor) e.g. Give the boy something that goes on a foot. The Advanced level has one action + advanced description e.g. Close the big blue door (from a field of about 5 choices). The multi-step directions are great for sequencing skills.

I like that my son can work on directions targeting the same concept continuously until we manually click on a new concept. This repetition works very well for him as he can practice on the same concept until he achieves almost full mastery. In case you think this is boring, there is variety in the directions given for the same concept, to ensure that the child is able to generalize the knowledge in different situations.

Another plus is that Fun with Directions only has positive reinforcements for tasks correctly completed. You don’t get a response if the task is not done correctly. When that happens, I get my son to tap on the ‘Hear Again’ button to listen to the directions and try again. This definitely builds his confidence.

Fun with Directions has clear illustrations and is so easy to use and kid friendly that my son often wants to take over the iPad to do it by himself. He looks out for his favorite directions to appear and is slowly finding the confidence to repeat the instructions for recording.  ‘More Fun with Directions’ is also available in the app store to work on more concepts.

Lite version –

Fun With Directions HD Fun With Directions HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Price: $15.99 USD

Open a door and see what’s behind it! Give the boy something to eat. He’ll even say “Thanks!” Color a cat with the help of the magic crayon! Push a button and watch the elevator door open-what.

iPhone version
Lite version –

Fun With Directions Fun With Directions by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Price: $15.99 USD

From A4cwsn: "This is wonderful for my young students who are working on imitating and following basic instructions."

Open a door and see what’s behind it. Give the boy something to eat. He’.


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