As a busy mum I love finding great accessories for my iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, but not only do I want products that work well I like to have products that are stylish too. With Mother’s Day just around the corner make sure you share this article with your partner and maybe you’ll get something more than flowers or chocolates this year ! These are all products we have personally tested and recommend.

Grace-Aubergine-LongStrap_1_grandeThe Grace Bag from Mia Tui Like most women I know, I am always on the lookout for the perfect handbag, something that is stylish but practical – and I think I have finally found it in the Grace Bag. As well as being a great handbag this is also perfectly designed to take along your iPad or iPad Mini. It is stylish, but practical too- both the interior and exterior are waterproof and wipe clean. The bag is really well organized with multiple interior pockets, a water bottle holder, elastic key holder and comes with a clear zip-top plastic bag for make up and a matching clutch bag. Available from Mia RRP £45, ships worldwide. Read our full review here and enter to win one!


Sound Cylinder from Definitive TechnologySound-Cylinder-_PowerButtonAngle
The Sound Cylinder™ from Definitive Technology is a sound system and stand for your iPad. It has amazing sound quality and stylish good looks and is very lightweight and portable. The Sound Cylinder has perforated aluminum grilles and the “kickstand” and clamp mechanism are injection-molded magnesium alloy. It houses separate left and right speakers and a side-firing subwoofer, optimized by a Digital Signal Processor, creating a full, rich, stereo sound. Connection is wireless via Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm audio cable. Available from Definitive Technology and many retailers. RRP: US$199.99. Read our full review here 

Jukebox Dock from ION JukeBoxDock_angle_weblarge
For women who love Retro style the Jukebox Dock from ION Audio is a great accessory. The dock has dual speakers housed in a wooden cabinet and when the lights go on then the nostalgia really takes over. The arched light curves around the front like a classic Wurlitzer jukebox and gently switches colors from red through blue and green, at the same time colored circles on the top panel slowly pulsate and flash. The Jukebox Dock charges your (30-pin) iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and lets you play your music in true Retro style. Available from Amazon and many other retailers RRP $99.99. Read our full review here

Hand Stylus green
If you want a stylus with the look and feel of a high quality ballpoint, the Hand Stylus is a great choice. It comes in a whole rainbow of different colors and each stylus is in a handy metal carrying case. The tip is only 4mm making it one of the sharpest styluses available. Just like a ballpoint pen clicking on the top will retract the nib to keep it clean and protected, and it rotates the tip too to keep the wear even. It is a green products too – the pen and packaging are made from recycled or recyclable materials and when the tip wears out no need to throw the stylus away- tins of 6 replacement tips are available. Not recommended for use with screen protectors. Available from RRP: $29.95. Read our full review here

iSlider from Rain Design Inc.islider
The iSlider from Rain Design Inc is a beautifully designed, elegant, lightweight, portable iPad stand. When closed it is a gently curved, brushed aluminum wedge, with one black end; bringing back memories of the iconic first generation iPhone. Pulling on the black end reveals the black metal stand. It can be used at fifteen different angles. The iSlider comes with a black leatherette carrying case and is small and light enough to carry in your handbag -it measures approximately 5.4” long, 3.” wide, and 0.85” deep and weighs about 0.5lb . Available from: Rain Design Inc. RRP $ 49.90 Read our full review here



ARTcloth by LYNKtec has a fun or fashionable design on one side and a soft microfiber cloth on the other side to clean up your favorite device. The cloth is double sided, with microfiber on one side, and silk on the other – the silk side is used to get rid of any residue to clean up and “buff” your screen prior to use. The best part about this cloth is that it is machine washable, meaning if sticky fingers get it too sticky, you can throw it in the washing machine and start over again. This cloth can be used on tablets, smart phones, televisions, monitors, eye glasses lenses and more as you try to “get the stickies” away. Available from LYNKtec RRP: US$7.99 – $9.99 Read our full review here



Chef Sleeve iPad Stand
The Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand from Chef Sleeve is a great iPad stand for women who like to cook using recipes on their iPad. It looks stylish, is heat resistant, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and easy to clean. It is made from multiple layers of wood fibers compressed with a food safe resin. Combine the iPad stand with Chef Sleeve’s iPad covers and you are ready to cook!

Available from Target and other retailers RRP: US $34.99.Read our full review here


olloclip 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone

Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens by olloclip is a portable easy to use solution that means you don’t have to bring along your digital camera every time you want to get the perfect shot. This easy to use lens, fits compactly in your pocket or handbag, takes great photos on the fly. olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4/4s and now the iPhone 5 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens which all fit in your pocket in a nicely included pouch. Available from olloclip, Target and Amazon RRP: US$69.99 to $79.99 Read our full review here and enter to win one!


Kanex Sydnee Multi device charger


Sydnee from Kanex is the solution to the tangle of cords that are required to charge all of your devices. Instead of multiple cord swapping, you plug in the Syndee and it includes three iOS cords that you can plug your devices into and then rest inside the charger. This innovative device features four ports that allows you to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Each port has a 2.1A output, so you can charge 4 iPads, or a combination of 4 iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches simultaneously. We also charged an Android smartphone as well. I love that we don’t have cords all over our counters anymore and everything has it’s spot! Available from Kanex, Amazon and other retailers RRP: $125 – $149.99.  Read our review and enter to win one!

ChromaLuxe Fashion Frames for iPhone
iPhone4_MainChromaLuxe Fashion Frames for iPhone
ChromaLuxe Fashion Frames for iPhone by by ChromaLuxe are the ultimate fashion accessory for your iPhone or iPhone 4s as well as iPad and iPhone 5. This case allows you to “swap out” inserts of your favorite photos, quotes, images and more all with a quick unsnap of the case. As a user, you send in photos or your favorite images and then the company will send them to you. I love that you can change the plate on a whim to display your family, a favorite saying or quote or even a treasured photo all in less than 3 minutes! The case is also antimicrobial preventing the spread of germs, scratch resistant and the images are of very high quality. Available from CafePress RRP: US$29.99

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Product pricing was correct at the time of publishing this article but is subject to change so check before purchasing. Please check the suppliers website to see if these products are available to your country.