Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black

What we love…

super protective case that provides protection against sticky fingers, drops, dust, light rain and more

What we’d love to see…

slimmer design so that Siri would not be activited by mistake


Great case for busy Mom’s on the go wishing to protect their iPhone from drops, dust and sticky fingers

Our Rating


Griffin Survivor for the iPhone is a super protective case for my iPhone 4S.  If your children are anything like my little boy, when they want to play with your phone they are not necessarily super “easy” on it.  There have been more than a few times that I have heard the dreaded “oops” from the backseat and found my iPhone on the floor – thankfully with the Griffin Survivor I don’t worry as much.  We have also reviewed the Griffin Survivor for iPad last year.

This super protective case protects against drops (up to six feet), dust, dirt, light rain and makes my iPhone feel well protected even against drops, dirt and more.  The case was easy to install and protected my phone including the camera lens.    The phone case was easy to clean and disinfect as well as clean of sticky finger smudges.

In terms of improvements – I did find that at times the home button since it was raised would activate Siri on my iPhone so all of a sudden I would hear her chatting.  I also found that with the bigger case that my phone did not fit into the slim charger that I had – but for me it was worth it knowing that my phone was protected.  I also did find that a few scratches popped up on the protective screen covering – it’s hard to say if that was due to dust on my iPhone or if it is a defect of the product since I used it daily to protect my phone.

We drop tested my iPhone from a height of 8 feet and the phone and case came through with flying colors.  No cracks, no scratches and most importantly my phone still worked. I’d say that’s a pretty good statement especially when kids are involved in the dropping even when it is by accident.

Great case for busy Mom’s on the go wishing to protect their iPhone from drops, dust and sticky fingers.  This case is easy to clean and install for the weekend when kids may have access to your iPhone.

The Griffin Survivor for iPhone retails for $20 – 50 and is available from Mobile Fun, Amazon and other retailers.


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