What we love…

bright graphics, ability to tailor to the child/student and the “ageless” use of the app

What we’d love to see…

data collection integration across multiple devices, visual prompt of the correct word when chosen


Great app for parents to use when carrying over speech therapy exercises at home as well as a flexible app to introduce your child to new situations

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Questions2LearnQuestions2Learn by Speech Pups is an iPad only app designed to help your child and students understand “wh” questions such as who, what, where and when using two “Speech Pups” Moca and Dakota to reinforce the concept.  The app allows you to add multiple students and provides a picture where individuals are asked a question like. “what is something you can color with” – the user is presented with a number of  picture choices ranging from three to five pictures  for the question and although there can be multiple answers the student must pick the best one and then is rewarded with a “great job” and picture of Moca and Dakota.  The app also features level four which simply asks a question without any photos.   Level Four is best used with a parent or therapist as you have to pick if the question was answered correctly.  Leanne created the app after using her dogs, Moca and Dakota as pet therapy dogs working with children and adults in schools nursing homes and hospitals.  When the dogs were around, they motivated children to read stories and allowed individuals who may have had trouble articulating speech to talk to the animals in a non-judgmental way.  The app allows you to choose a category that you want to answer questions from including: school, home, food & drinks, health, community, and leisure/recreational.

As a parent, I really liked how this app could be customized for my child.  We were able to focus on school as well as home which were two areas of focus for us.  I also loved the way that you could tailor it to your child depending on their needs – for purposes of the review I primarily focused on Level 1 and Level 2 although the app has four levels.  The visual prompt was very helpful for my preschooler and I also really liked the ability to share data with my child’s speech therapist to show her what we were working on in our home program and the ability to compare it to what he was working on in the school based program.  My child really enjoyed the pictures and positive rewards of the dogs as well as the auditory “good job” when he got questions right which provided a big incentive for using the app.  I also liked that I could create my own questions for activities which helped to introduce him to new things that we were going to do and use my own photos and my voice so when we had a new experience he was prepared via this app.  We used it successfully for a trip to a new museum for him, and instead of being overwhelmed by all of the exhibits, we were able to focus in on specific ones that I had found photos of from the museum website and enjoyed it rather than it being an overstimulating and overwhelming experience.  We also really liked the voice in the app – which could be turned on and off based on your child or students needs as well as setting the level of feedback to be continuous or intermittent.  The graphics in the app were top notch and clear which made choices very easy based upon the pictures.

In terms of data collection  I  do wish there was a way to integrate the data via Dropbox perhaps so you could see a “full picture” of what they were doing on multiple devices as this would be a wonderful future enhancement.  For the lower levels such as level 1 and 2 I would like to see the words underneath the photos as this will also help with early literacy – for example if you ask a child to “find what you use when you color” after they pick the right answer having the word crayon pop up underneath before having them move on to the next question would help to reinforce the language/written word concept.

This app is a great one for parents to use when carrying over speech therapy activities at home as well as therapists to use in a school or other setting. The app allows itself to be customized to a wide variety of ages and content making it a flexible choice for a variety of ages.

Questions2Learn Questions2Learn by Dynamic Speech Solutions LLC

Price: $4.99 USD

Questions2Learn helps students understand and learn how to answer functional who, what, where, and when questions. The Speech Pups, Moca and Dakota, will reinforce your students while they answer questions.

Free lite version –


Price: $


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