What we love…

skishy yet flexible case adds personality to your device while protecting it against drops

What we’d love to see…

a bit hard to charge because of the placement of where the charging port is; some way to remove the smell of the case which when it arrives is pretty harsh


Provides your iPad with a protective case that is fun and funky while standing up on his own.

Our Rating


I recently had a chance to test out the Speck iGuy Case and Stand from GearZap.  This squishy yet flexible case adds funky personality to your iPad 2/3/4 while providing protection against drops  and easy to hold handles.  We previously looked at Speck iGuy in an listing of Awesome iDevice accessories for kids and are now completing a full review.

iGuy is a freestanding case for your iPad 2/3/4 which brings a whole new level of personality to your device.  I loved that you could stand him on the coffee table with your iPad and watch a video, hold him on your lap to play with an app and even have the tactile touches of the case.  The case also worked well for Skype with family as he would stand on the table during the call instead of you having to hold the iPad steady for the camera.  The case is sturdy and easy to balance on your lap while using the iPad.  My son enjoyed carrying around the case using the arms of iGuy – something that made me a little bit nervous but the iPad seemed well protected.

I did drop test the case – each time I dropped it – I found that the iGuy landed on his back rather than the front which protected the iPad.  I dropped it a grand total of three times from a height of about four feet  and had no damage to my iPad 2.   While I do not suggest  dropping your iPad on purpose, it was good to know that when dropped from a child’s height that our iPad was safe.  I have heard from others that depending on the size of your iPad depends on the fit of this case – at times others felt that the case was too large for their device and it rattled, but I did not have this experience with my iPad 2.

In terms of enhancements, I found that it was hard to charge my iPad 2 while it was in the case since you had to charge via the “arm” and you had to look for the place to put in your cord.  In addition, I also found that the smell of Speck when he arrived was a bit harsh – this did eventually abate and he is made of non-toxic materials so I suspect it was just part of the manufacturing process as once I had him out of the box to air out his smell abated within 48 hours.    Another comment – and this is from a usability standpoint, many apps are available in portrait mode only versus landscape.  When using the iPad in this case you may find that there are limits to the apps you can use because of this.  There is no integrated screen protector – something I personally like to see because of sticky hands but I suspect this would be hard to include due to the design of the case.

Overall, this is a fun and funky case for your iPad that appeals to both parents, children and adults.  iGuy gives your device personality, provides protection and stands on his own.    The Speck iGuy case retails between $25 – 35  and can be purchased from a variety of retailers including: Gear Zap, Amazon and more!




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