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great message, cool mid-century modern aesthetic

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better parental controls, separate controls for sound and narration


nag-free way to encourage kids to clean up

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Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up!Azawhistle Kids’ Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Cleanup , an iPad-only digibook for children, offers its reader a blend of sound advice. The story promotes cleaning up and advocates using meditation and yoga to relax.


The story, which is designed for ages 3 and up, stars a little boy named Tejas and his dog Lollipop. As a bonus, it is set with an aesthetically pleasing backdrop of hip, mid-century modern décor.


When we first meet Tejas, he is feeling bored, while Lollipop, in contrast, is meditating, referred to in the app’s lexicon as “mashpotatoeing.” Tejas joins in the mashpotatoeing, which clears his mind. No longer bored, he comes up with something to do: he decides to clean his room.


Cleaning Tejas’ room is easier said than done because, honestly, it’s a real mess. The reader will enjoy tapping the wide variety of objects (even a rubber chicken!) in Tejas’s room as the clean up begins. The name of each item is spoken aloud when tapped, and also appears in written form on the screen, which teaches object recognition and helps the reader become more familiar with the items.

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The reader might identify with Tejas as he begins to feel overwhelmed by the great mess in his room. It’s Lollipop to the rescue again, but this time she uses yoga to help Tejas regain his focus. “Cleaning your room is easy,” she said. “Just remember everything has a home.” Tejas joins Lollipop in warrior pose, and he now feels reenergized.


The story asks the reader to help Tejas find a home for his things, and then the reader gets to put Tejas’ things away. Try to put the rubber chicken on the bed and the narrator says, “uh uh.” Put it in the toy box and the narrator responds, “super tidy.” Once his room was clean Tejas shows it to his mom, who feels surprised and proud.


Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Cleanup includes no adverts or social media integration. However, parental controls are largely absent. The reader can share the app via email or read the parents’ section simply by tapping the appropriate area. At the end the reader is asked to rate the app, and if tapped, the child will be taken to the app store. We would like to see these links child proofed.


The user may toggle the sound off at the beginning of the app, or by tapping the image of Lollipop at the bottom of the screen, but note, this will silence the narration, music, and sound effects.


In summary, Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Cleanup encourages children to take charge of their bodies using mediation and yoga, while they also take responsibility for putting away their stuff.

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