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beautiful watercolor illustrations, impressive text

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more poems


fabulous intro to poetry for children

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A Word's a BirdA Word’s a Bird, Spring Flies By In Rhymes by French developer Syntonie, the publishing imprint of Actialuna, SAS, brings Caldecott Award-quality to the iPad. The app includes sections for April, May, and June, as well as a “take off” poem that introduces the poetry collections’ shared theme.


To visit the poem for each month from the splash screen simply tap on the square with the month’s name. After doing so the reader encounters the poem for the given month as well as an accompanying animation.


iPad Screenshot 2The four poems, which the reader can enjoy in English or French, remain accessible to children even while employing poetic techniques including meter, rhyme, and metaphor. The book’s text offers parents an opportunity to introduce the idea of poetry to their children by asking questions such as, “how can a bird be like a word?”


The Northern Cardinal, loved by birders everywhere for his bright red plumage and cheerful song, guides the reader through the animation. Tap him and hear him sing an accurate rendition of his songs. The reader can also tap the underlined words in each poem to access a glossary of terms such as “veil” or “zigzag” that may not be familiar to the reader.


Each of the three months includes an interactive animated scene for the reader to explore. In April the reader can tap on flowers to play a simple scale, then hear the notes she plays repeated back by the ducklings in the pond, while in May she can explore peony blooms, and in June she can steer a sailboat helmed by a pair of dogs.


iPad Screenshot 4A Word’s A Bird includes no in-app purchases, adverts, or social media links. The app includes professional narration and word highlighting. Touch the Syntonie Publishing icon on the splash screen to watch a video on how this charming digital book was created.


In summary, A Word’s A Bird offers its reader child-friendly, seasonal poetry that fills a gap in the type of offerings typically found in the App Store.  From toddlers to tweens, this singular digi-book will appeal a wide variety of children.


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