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What we love…

4 different games, multiple levels, built-in rewards, cute colorful graphics and engaging animal theme.

What we’d love to see…

Option to switch off music independent of narration


An engaging app that is a great choice for children working on counting from one to ten.

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Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori HDCount up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori HD is an iPad only app from French app developer Seven Academy. It includes four different activities to work on counting and number skills from 1-10, and has a built-in reward system. It contains no adverts or in-app purchases and all external links are in a locked parents section. A free lite version is also available.

The four mini-games all have 3 different levels to them, and to access the higher levels the child needs to complete the lower levels. Completing levels also earns them rewards – seeds, sunshine and rain that they can use to grow plants in the Green Academy (which can be accessed within the app). Throughout the different games the child is given directions and encouraged by a cute owl (which will be familiar to those who own other Seven academy apps.)

Penguins Discover Numbers:

In this game penguins are sitting an an iceberg and it is the child’s job to count how many there are. The child touches the Penguin’s belly as they count and he turns around giving a visual re-enforcement. the owl counts aloud as the child touches the penguins and a friendly whale keeps a visual count. As the levels progress the child has to also pick out the right digit from a selection of numbered ice-cubes and in the highest level the whale stops showing them the correct number.


Mole Trace the Digits

In this game a mole helps the child practice writing all the numbers from one to ten. The child drags the mole towards the worms following arrows showing the right stroke, as the mole slurps up the worms they draw the digit.

In the second and third levels the arrows gradually disappear, leaving just the mole and worms, but if the child goes wrong the arrows reappear to help them. In the third level the digits are shown at different angles and the child has to practice writing them in non-vertical positions.


Manta Ray – Numbers and Quantities

Here a friendly pink Manta Ray has numbers on his belly and the child has to guide the right number of suckerfish to attach to him.

In the first level they do this in numerical order from 1-10.

In the second level the numbers are presented randomly, but there is always the correct number os suckerfish available

The third level is similar to the second, but this time there are more suckerfish available than the child needs.


Elephants – Identify Quantities

In this game blue (odd) and pink (even) elephants line up in rows to create Montessori bars and the child needs to learn to associate the right quantity with it’s corresponding number.

The elephants run across the screen with their eyes open, when the child touches them (to count them) the owl counts aloud and the elephants close their eyes to sleep. Once the whole row has been counted a flag appears with the corresponding number on it.

In the second level the child counts the elephants then picks the right numerical flag, the lines are elephants are in numerical order. The third level is the same, but this time the rows of elephants are in random order.


From the parents section you can set up multiple player profiles. For each child it will track when they play the app and when they pass each level. each child will also earn their own set of rewards to grow plants in the Green Academy. When a child has completed all levels in a game they also unlock a photograph of that animal and he owl tells them some facts about it.

The app has high quality graphics and engaging animations. I like how it uses four different games to re-enforce counting to ten in different ways, and how the levels start very easy for the child just beginning to learn to count, but then get harder to test the skills they are learning. The built-in rewards are a nice touch too, the child does need to keep playing the levels multiple times to earn enough water and sunshine to grow all the plants so it is an incentive to keep practicing. The app has lively background music, it is fairly quiet during the games, so not distracting for most kids, but it would be nice to have the option to switch it off independently (there is an option to switch off sound but this also mutes the narration.)

The developer labels this as for age 3-6 years, I think that most children aged six will have already mastered counting to ten, so I would recommend it for a slightly younger age set – I think it is best suited to preschool age children.

Overall, an bright, colorful, engaging app that is a great choice for children working on counting from one to ten.



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Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori HD