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What we love…

easy to pair and use.  I loved that they didn’t have cords to tangle or require me to be “attached”, great battery life

What we’d love to see…

less dropping out of sound, a better guide on how to fit the earbuds to your ears as well as a bit of a lower pricepoint


Bluetooth enabled earbuds that are easy to use, have a great battery life and no tangles of the cord

Our Rating


JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones simply put ROCK!  These Bluetooth earbuds pair to a variety of devices without the need for a cord to tether you to your device.  They include a filtering system which allows you to hear the music more clearly and feature playtime up to eight hours which means you can use them all week without having to worry about charging them.  These earbuds charge using a standard micro-USB connector and for those using Apple devices include a icon on screen telling you how much battery is left so you are not left without your earbuds at the wrong moment.  The earbuds fit either in the traditional under-ear which allows you to listen and take calls as well as the over ear which means it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing earbuds.  The package includes three pairs of ear tips as well as ear cushions, a micro-USB cable and a carry case to hold your earbuds and the cords.

The BlueBuds paired easily to my iPhone and there was a step-by-step instruction which made it easy to pair them without having to look at the instructions.  The earbuds include music and call controlls which include the ability to answer calls, turn up and down your music as well as the ability to play and pause your music and are sweatproof.  Call clarity using the earbuds was good and people on the other end could not tell it was not a traditional bluetooth headset which was dedicated to making calls.  These were perfect for working out on a treadmill, taking a long walk or other activities.  They blocked the exterior noise and really helped me focus in on my workout while at the same time providing very clear music and sound.  They were also comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I did notice that at times the sound seemed to drop out of the earbuds, but I’m not sure if that was my error because I had placed my iPhone in my back pocket while going for a walk or if it was truly a drop out.  It did take a bit of trail and error to get the proper fit, but once I got them fitted they worked very well for me.  I did feel that the pricepoint was a bit high for them, and one would really need to use them frequently to make the purchase price of $169.00 worth it.

As a busy Mom, I like knowing that I can get my workout in – without having to worry about being tethered to my iPhone while listening to my favorite music on Pandora.  BlueBuds X from Jaybird are Bluetooth enabled earbuds that allow you to stash your iPhone or device safely in a pocket while listening to your music and doing your workout at the same time.  I love the long battery life (8 hours so you can go all week without needing a charge!), secure fit (plus the ability to take an occasional call during my walks) as well as the fact that I don’t have to worry about tangling my headphones during exercise.  They have a great case to store in as well when you are not using them.  We tested these with a wide variety of music and loved them!  Available from JayBird, Amazon and other retailers.  RRP: $169