What we love…

lightweight, cools your laptop and holds them hands free for movie watching or using your laptop. Easy to store.

What we’d love to see…

deeper cup holder as the included one is a bit shallow and instructions (visual) on how to adjust the legs


Good product for someone who enjoys watching movies in bed, using the laptop while laying down or as an alternative to using a traditional desk

Our Rating


laptop bed tray pictureThe LapDawg Pug is a laptop holder, book holder and tabletop for your bed all in one handy gadget. It features adjustable legs which allow you to adjust it from 29.5 cm to 48 cm in height and a adjustable stand with a USB cooling fan for your laptop using an integrated USB port which you plug into the back of your laptop. It also features a left and right mouse pad – for use with your corded or wireless mouse. The LapDawg Pug was created after Tonny broke his ankle and wanted to use his laptop while resting his foot – he found that having a laptop on his lap was too warm and it was very awkward when laying in bed. He worked with a friend to build this device which is ergonomically correct, provides a fan to keep your electronics cool and is adjustable for use in bed.

This laptop table is lightweight and easily positions your laptop for use in bed or on the couch. We really liked the ability to adjust the laptop up so that the screen was on our eye level when using it in bed. It made watching movies great in bed because the laptop was nicely cooled using the integrated fan and we didn’t have to worry about holding it at the same time. At times, the Pug did seem a little tipsy, but I wonder if that was due to the firmness of my bed versus anything else. When you have the laptop angled all the way up, it did seem to have a high center of gravity – but with the legs at the lower setting it seemed more stable. We also used the LapDawg Pug for reading books, holding an iPad 2 as well as an iPad Mini. I also liked how compact the Lapdawg Pug folded down into – flat and that made it easy to store under the bed or underneath the couch while waiting to use it another time.

In terms of enhancements, we had a bit of a challenge adjusting the legs of the LapDawg Pug at first because the included instructions mentioned they were adjustable – but didn’t show us how to do it. After a bit of research online, we figured out how to do it – it would be nice if the instruction sheet included this information. We also wished that the cup holder had a little bit more depth to it – this wasn’t a feature we used often because cups and laptops don’t mix but we found that it was a bit shallow when we tried it out.

The LapDawg Pug could be great for a person who is sick and needs to be in bed for a period of time as well as those who enjoy watching movies while laying down. The USB powered fan ensures that your laptop will stay cool while you are using the table and provides space for a wireless mouse and ergonomic viewing of the screen. The LapDawg Pug provides an alternative to the traditional sitting up with a laptop on your lap or being tied to a desk – and instead provides an ergonomic solution for your needs.

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