Mystery Math Town mission

What we love…

Plenty of rooms to explore and practice math skills, ability to change skill settings anytime during the game

What we’d love to see…

Division problems, more specific skill settings


A brilliant math app that has entertaining game play and excellent educational benefits

Our Rating

Reviewed by Fides and Alison

 ReviewArtigig Apps, developer of the award winning apps Marble Math and Marble Math Jr, is sure to have another award winner with their latest app, Mystery Math Town.  Educational and entertaining, this beautifully done app will sharpen children’s  mathematical skills as they explore Mystery Math Town and get acquainted with it’s fascinating residents and learning at the same time.  This app is geared toward elementary school age children and practices addition, subtraction and multiplication.

The first thing to do is to create a player by choosing a name and customizing the avatar’s hair, eyes, nose, and mouth.  Parents can set the skills (addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication)  and levels (0 through 10, 10 through 20, etc.),  as well choose whether or not to include dice and tally mark in the game.  I love that the skill options can be changed anytime during the game, allowing parents to adjust it according to their child’s learning progress.

There are two missions to accomplish in the game.  The first, is to help Mama Firefly find her baby fireflies that were trapped and hidden in jars all over town.  The second is to collect gold coins in order to complete the gallery’s photo collection, preserve the town history, and solve the mystery.

There are 8 houses to explore in Mystery Math Town.  The first house is unlocked. Finding all the hidden fireflies in the house will unlock the next house and so on.  Subsequent houses have more rooms to explore.  In each room are numbers that players collect by tapping on them.  These numbers will be used to solve an equation which will open the door, stairway, or ladder to the next room.  Once the equation pops up, tap on on a number to fill in the answer.  I love that instead of having to find the sum, difference, or product, children must instead figure out which numbers would work as the addends, subtrahends, minuends, multiplicands, or multipliers for the equation.  Not only is this a bit more challenging, but also helps in remembering and retaining math facts.  If players gets stuck, there are 3 lifelines available to use which will allow them to skip a problem.

In future updates, I would like to see division added to the game.  I would also like to be more specific with the skill settings.  For instance, instead of setting it to adding 0 through 10, I would like to be able to set it so that my child will add by 2s, or by 3s, or by 2s and 3s, etc.

This math app is unlike any I have ever seen.  The incredible graphics and the numerous rooms and interactive objects to discover make this app engaging and delightful.  My children, ages 6, 8, and 11, all give Mystery  Math Town a very high thumbs up.  Learning math has never been so much fun!  If I were to describe Mystery Math Town in just one word I would say:  brilliant!  Our parent testers really enjoyed the app as well and found it very engaging.

Mystery Math Town – Artgig Studio

Code Drop Jan 4, 2015

Mystery Math Town Mystery Math Town by Artgig Studio

Price: $3.99 USD

* Common Sense Media - 5 stars - "Great math practice with fun story, entertaining characters."
* Tech with Kids Best Math App

"The teacher in me loves the reverse math aspect of the game. .


Mystery Math Town for iPhone Mystery Math Town for iPhone by Artgig Studio

Price: $2.99 USD

Use your math skills to rescue the fireflies in Mystery Math Town. Designed specifically for the iPhone.

* Common Sense Media - 5 stars - "Great math practice with fun story, entertaining characters.