What we love…

Customized learning content and highly engaging gameplay.

What we’d love to see…

More CVC words to be included.


A superb phonics game that kids would love to play and learn to read with.

Our Rating

“Designed by experts. Loved by kids. Prized by parents like you.” Sky Fish Phonics by Knowbility impresses right from the start. The amazing graphics, superb sound effects and music, exciting gameplay and eye-popping rewards will soon get your kids hooked.

Your child’s mission is to get his Sky Fish across the sky through a series of physics-based puzzles and reading activities, while avoiding destructive flying objects to collect stars and unlock costumes for his Sky Fish when he completes a level. The instructions are clear and your child will be guided through the first level.

There are altogether 20 levels of increasingly challenging gameplay, each level comes with 3 reading tasks. The questions start with simple Letter-Sound Correspondence (Which one starts with the letter ‘A’), then reading Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) word groups (Which picture matches this word?) before the child attempts Sound Substitution (substituting individual sounds in CVC words to create new words – Which letter goes in the space below?).   There is always a guide to help your child to answer the questions.  He would prompt your child to tap the letters to hear their individual sounds to sound out words and do likewise to the pictures to hear their names.  When your child gets a question wrong, the guide will sound out the answer and when the right answer is chosen, there is positive feedback.

What questions are presented to each child depends on his reading ability as the app collects data from his responses and customize the program to match his reading skills.  A more competent reader will thus need to answer fewer questions and breeze through the curriculum faster but still stay engaged because of the addictive game.  Right now, the words taught in the app are limited to nouns but these are words familiar to young children and they are paired with pictures in the game to aid vocabulary building. I do hope this great reading program will expand to include more words.

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Both my youngest son and I enjoyed playing with this app.  My son likes to change his Sky Fish’s costumes while I’m still trying to break through Level 20!  It is not only a fun and educational app, it is also mentally stimulating for the young minds. Getting your Sky Fish to the end of the level and earning the maximum number of stars requires more than just tapping at the right time and knowing your physics. Your child needs to observe and plan his next move or risk getting his Sky Fish destroyed. For younger children, they would need to learn to control their impulse to tap before thinking. It might be a good idea to have a pause button just for the adults to inactivate any onscreen response to encourage the young player to stop and think for a moment.

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The easiest way to teach and for kids to learn is to use games that engage.  Sky Fish Phonics is very engaging and a lot of fun but its main draw is the delivery of personalized learning content that adapts to the needs of every child/student, allowing him to learn at his own pace.  It also allows unlimited student profiles to be created, each with his own progress report.  This makes Sky Fish Phonics an ideal digital phonics program for use both at home and in the classroom.


Sky Fish Phonics – Knowbility

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