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Entertaining and educational, high quality graphics, engaging game play, works on a variety of skills and difficulty levels.


A rare gem – a math app for older students that is really well done – engaging, works on a variety of skills, with different difficulty levels, has multiple player profiles and motivating reward system.

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Math Heroes vs DragonsMath Heroes vs Dragons is an iPad only app from Houston, Texas based app developer 12 Fingers Studio. It is targeted at students aged 10 + and covers a range of mathematical subjects including: Multiplication, Adding and Subtracting of Integers, Division, Comparing Fractions, Perimeter and Area of shapes, and Comparing Multiplication Products. It is an app with a story – the student plays the role of their choice of 4 heroes. The heroes have to battle the dragons that have invaded their grandparents home. The app contains no in-app purchases, adverts or social media links.

The app opens with a short animated video showing Grandma and Grandpa Numbertson discovering their rather nice home has been over-run by dragons. The action then cuts to the heroes’ headquarters where the students can choose which game to play to battle the dragons, and can also keep track of their achievements, prizes and progress.

There are seven different games and each has 4 difficulty levels that are unlocked sequentially. Each round includes 8-10 questions.

Pool Products

In this game the student has to pick which of two multiplication problems has the higher product. It is set at the Numbertson’s swimming pool where the dragons e are floating in swim rings in the water polo court. After the student makes their choice they get to see the product of each equation to check their maths skills.

Problem Building

This is set in the playroom, students are presented with a problem of the type ? x ? + 24 and three cupboards, each with a number on the front. They need to pick the two that successfully complete the equation. When they tap on the doors of the cupboards they open,  dragons are inside,and they then fall through a hole on the floor if the question is answered correctly.



Fraction Felons

In this game the dragons have been arrested and are lining up for their mugshots, each holding a board containing a fraction. The student has to place them in numerical order starting with the largest.

Multiple Madness

Here the dragons have taken over the hot tub, bubbles are rising with numbers in them. In each round the student has to pick which numbers are multiples of their given number.


Chalk Shapes

In Chalk Shapes a square, rectangle or triangle is drawn on the chalkboard with its sides labelled with their length. the student has to calculate it’s perimeter or area and pick the correct answer from numbers held up by the dragons.


Remote Integers

The dragons have taken over the home theatre, to vanish them the student has to use the remote control to key in the answer to an addition question. Both positive and negative numbers are included in this section.

Division Racing

The dragons are racing across the courtyard in numbered cars. The student is presented with a question of the type 60 / ? = 10, they have to pick the car with the correct number on it.



The app has a number of game like features to keep older children (and adults) engaged and keep coming back to practice their maths skills. As they get questions right players earn gold coins, these can be redeemed in the store for enhancements to use in the game such as the hero shield which protects the player from ruining their streak if they get a wrong answer or dragon fire which gives them a chance to win extra gold with correct answers.

The student can also choose to use their gold to buy wallpapers that they can download to use on their iPad.

Players are rewarded for getting perfect rounds – anytime they score a perfect round the Numbertsons dance for them, and they have a 50/50 chance of capturing a dragon (they can use use gold in the shop to upgrade this to a 100% chance). The captured dragons have trading cards and players can view their collection in the heroes headquarters. There are also 4 boss battles to unlock – each one is unlocked when the player has scored a perfect round in each of the seven games at that difficulty level. In the boss battle the player has to beat the dragon by answering rapid fire maths questions. I like that in the main part of the app the players can take their time to answer rather than being under the clock, as this gives more chance to really learn the material rather than guessing because time is running out. The boss battles then give a chance to practice what they have learned under pressure.

This app is designed for students from Fifth Grade onwards . As well as fifth graders, middle school students,  high school students, and many adults will enjoy keeping their maths skills sharp with it – I know I did! I tested the app out with my (very smart) rising fourth grader who really liked it, but agreed that some sections of it were too advanced for him. There are certainly no shortage of maths apps available -the app store is swimming with them. Math Heroes vs Dragons however, is a rare gem – a math app for older students that is really well done – engaging, works on a variety of skills, with different difficulty levels, has multiple player profiles and motivating reward system. Both entertaining and educational – highly recommended !


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