What we love…

Easy to use and you don’t have to worry about carrying USB drives, cross platform compatibility, unlimited space

What we’d love to see…

ability to save items directly to your device using the iOS app


I can’t say enough good things about this product, it’s easy to use, convenient and gives me the peace of mind knowing that my photos are safe.

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BitcasaDo you have storage woes?  If you are anything like me – you take lots of photos with your digital camera, iPhone and iPad and find that they just sit on your device waiting to be backed up – or worse, you back them up to your computer only to experience a catastrophic crash and they are gone.  Enter a new product, called Bitcasa.  Bitcasa was officially launched in 2012, and it allows you to store, access and share everything from pictures, to movies to documents to songs and yes, even my large iTunes library all on a secure drive that I can access anytime via my devices, laptop as well as being able to send links to family and friends.  It’s really easy, because when I login to my computer it automatically logs me in and when I use a computer that’s not my own, I can login to Bitcasa and pull down any documents that I want or need within moments.

One of my favorite things about Bitcasa is how much easier it’s made it for me to share photos with friends and family.  I used to upload them to a website, send a private link and then send them the photos they wanted.  Now, I send a link to my Bitcasa drive and my friends and family can download any pictures they want, store them locally on their own computer or device and I don’t have to worry about sending them along.  I also love that unlike competitors, this is an unlimited service.  There are no limits on the amount of items you can store, which makes it perfect for sharing files, photos, documents and other items in an instant without worrying that you will run out of space.   I also like being able to see how much space I’m using currently – I’m currently at over 150 gigabytes of space on Bitcasa of my infinite space.  One other feature that’s a must have is cross-platform compatibility.  Bitcasa will run on a Mac, PC, Apple iOS device, Android Smartphone via safe and secure storage.  I also figured out how to upload all of my music from iTunes to Bitcasa. In addition, I save school forms and other important documents so that when I know that I need them, I can access them no matter where I am.  This would also be a great product for a student or a family member attending school as they could work on documents where they were without having to worry that they had the correct version of the file on their USB drive.  I could also see teachers and parents using it to backup important files from a computer or device that they might need access to on multiple platforms.

In terms of enhancements to the product, I would like to be able to more easily save photos to my device for those moments when I might not have access to 3G or the internet.  Currently you can send a link via email, Facebook and Twitter of an image, document or movie.

You can “try before you buy” with a free 10 gig account and then if you decide to buy it is $99 a year.  Bitcasa even offered us a coupon code which will drop the price down to $79/year (a 20% discount) or less than $6 a month.  When signing up simply enter IMUM20 and the discount will be applied.

I had a catastrophic hard drive crash about 18 months ago, and although I was able to save most of my digital pictures, I was not able to save all of them.  I only wish I had known about Bitcasa then.  It would have saved me hours of frustration; cost and most importantly I would not be wishing I could “re-create” some of my favorite photos.  I do also create a backup of my photos in addition to Bitcasa, just to have a second bit of redundancy.


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Bitcasa for Android

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Welcome to the Bitcasa Infinite Drive from Bitcasa on Vimeo.