Overall, a very versatile, flexible stand that can be used in many ways. I really like the fact that it works with a large range of protective cases and a variety of different tablets. Its drawbacks are that it  is a large stand, and does need a tool to add or remove legs.


The O-Stand is a very versatile iPad/ Tablet stand from LapDawg. It will fit a variety of tablets and e-readers including both the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini. I have tested it with both the iPad and iPad Mini in a variety of protective cases. The stand has 3 main parts – an adjustable tray / clamp that hold the tablet, four very flexible legs and a central round body which holds them together and has connectors that allow adjustment of the screen angle in different directions. OStand-desktop The plastic clamp that hold the tablet has 4 arms with rubber grips on them allowing it to hold the tablet securely, as it is very adjustable in size it works well with tablets with no case or in a range of protective cases. The clamp assembly attaches to the body via a plastic locking mechanism, with 2 plastic plates sliding together with tabs and slots, it is firmly attached once it is in place, but I would expect this to be the weak spot in the stand. However, the stand comes with a lifetime warranty so if it were to break it should be covered.

OStand-3 legs

The metal legs are very flexible so you can bend then into whatever shape you like. They are each 21.5 inches long with a rubberized ball tip on each foot. You can remove legs used the included Allan key, and choose to use 1,2, 3 or 4 legs. I found that for most uses 2 was my favorite number of legs, and it was easier to create a stable stand than when using all 4. There were other times when having 4 was an advantage though, so it is useful that you can change the number of legs to suit the occasion. You can use the flexible legs to attach to a object such as a chair, car or railing, and then having extra legs was useful.


I really like how flexible the stand is: you can use it to watch movies lying in bed, or sitting in a chair or set it up on your desktop. Because you can set it up in an infinite variety of positions not all of them are stable, so I think it is a good idea to keep the tablet in a protective case and check each new position carefully for balance before letting go of your tablet. For the same reason I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for typing a lot on the iPad screen as it can often wobble of you are taping a lot on the screen. It works well for movie viewing, apps, and for viewing the screen when you are typing using an external keyboard. The downsides of the stand are that it is big- it takes up quite a bit of room when not in use, and that you do need to make sure you keep the Allan key handy for removing/ adding legs. This stand really shines in situations such as watching movies in bed or when sitting or lying on the sofa  -where you don’t want the iPad balanced on your lap for a long period, and where many other stands wouldn’t be flexible enough to use.

Overall, a very versatile, flexible stand that can be used in many ways. I really like the fact that it works with a large range of protective cases and a variety of different tablets.

Available online from Lapdawg RRP $79.99


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.



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