What we love…

Beautiful graphics, simple and easy game play, appeals to three learning styles.

What we’d love to see…

Pronouns highlighted in captioning.


This app does a great job teaching about pronouns and makes learning about them fun.

Our Rating

Pronouns With Splingo by Speech and Language Store, LLP is an enjoyable app that does a fantastic job of teaching children the proper use of pronouns. It covers both personal pronouns and possessive pronouns.

The game play is very simple. The player is presented a scene with two groups of people and one object. There are altogether five different scenes (a café, park, zoo, school and a toy shop) and the objects presented relate to the respective scenes. A statement is given regarding the object such as “give the ball to her” or “ they want the ball”. The player must then give the object to the group of people or person it belongs to. A correct response generates positive auditory feedback. An incorrect response will trigger a light sound and the object is returned to the middle of the screen, giving the player a chance to correct his or her answer. After five correct responses, the player gets to pick three items to put in a virtual bedroom. There are 15 animated items to choose from. Once all the items have been earned, the game ends and you can start another game.


Like the other Splingo apps (Splingo’s Language Universe and Receptive Language Assessment), Pronouns with Splingo is customizable. You can choose which pronoun(s) you want to work on, use US or UK voice (no alien voice effect though) and have the instruction statement displayed or not. There is also an information page on hints and tips for using the app. The new Pause button in this Splingo app is a welcome addition, allowing kids time to practise expressive use of the pronouns during the game.


The graphics and animations in this app are pleasing, easily capturing a child’s attention. The audio is very intelligible and I love that you can turn captions on and off. I prefer to leave them on so that my child can read them as well which is great for testing reading comprehension. You can save the game at any point to be continued later and up to 5 users’ games can be saved, which is helpful for those who work with several children.


The app does a great job in teaching about pronouns because it incorporates all three major learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. My 8 year old son, who is autistic and a visual-kinesthetic learner, found Pronouns With Splingo very appealing and finished the game all the way through in one sitting. This was also perfect for my 6 year old daughter, an auditory-visual learner, who is just learning about pronouns in Language Arts class.


What I would love to see in future updates would be the pronouns highlighted in the caption so that the child can identify them in the sentences and consistency in the punctuation.

My children loved Pronouns With Splingo. Although the game play is short, it still did a great job of teaching my children about pronouns and they thought it was a lot of fun. I would recommend it to speech therapists as well as to parents and teachers who work with younger children.


Pronouns With Splingo Pronouns With Splingo by The Speech And Language Store LLP

Price: $2.99 USD

PRONOUNS WITH SPLINGO is the latest exciting adventure in the world of Splingo, the speech and language alien! Make dull paper-based therapy activities a thing of the past with the newest app from the.


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